8 Pax Showed up for a 6 Pack

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  • Workout Date - 07/07/2014
  • Q In Charge - T.B.C.
  • The PAX - Slim, Holla, Punch Out, Caviar, Aloha, Phil Dunfey, Pledge, T.B.C.
  • AO -

8 men showed up to #BeverlyHills for a little BRR hill training. YHC enjoyed touring the gang through my old stomping grounds.

Six Pack
Pax started at the zoo and ran south on SRT to the YMCA
Hill #1 from SRT to Cleveland Street finishing in parking lot of ARP

short recovery run to the bottom of Crescent Avenue.
Hill #2 from the bottom of Crescent 0.3 miles uphill take a right on Fairview to top

mosey to Watts to the bottom of Biltmore
Hill #3 from Watts and Biltmore to Tindal #straightup

short mosey to Capers
Hill #4 run from Tindal to Crescent then back down to Tindal #musttraindownhillsalso

mosey down Tindal and Jones to Ben Street
Hill #5 from Cleveland up Ben to McDaniel

mosey down McDaniel turn into park #somethoughtweweredone #theywerewrong
Hill #6 bottom of Ridgeland to top #stravasays18%grade

ran down Scout trail to the zoo.

Pledge led us in some stretches #apparantlyhisroomatewalkedinonhimstretching #alot


COT and Announcements
Great BRR training
SIGN up for the MUD Run
Prayers for Pax: 1_D, Erector, Spicoli…



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