7-Minute Abs

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

16 men came to the gloom to start working on their six-packs as swim season is approaching (hopefully it is sooner rather than later).

SSH X 30 (Your’e welcome Hootie)
In n’ outs X 15 (You’re welcome Hootie)
IW X 20 (You’re welcome Hootie)
LBC’s X 15 (You’re welcome Hootie)

Mosey to Liberty Bridge

Liberty 500 (Kinda 800)
Partner up.  One partner runs the bridge and back while the other does an exercise.  Each partner must complete 100 of the exercises.

100 X BBS (Big boy situps)
100 X Russian-twists (Double count)
100 X Mountain Climbers on your elbows (Double Count) – Q loved these…will be seeing again
100 X Flutters (Double Count)
100 X Air Humpers
Plank until all are done

Mosey up to the Peace Center
SLOW Dips on Q’s Count X 10
SLOW Derkins on Q’s Count X 7



– Mudrun teams are sent.  Get with your teams to create a name and send to Pledge.– Get emails/names for F3 Spartanburg Launch.  Need to get more names.  I’ll say it again…need more names.  Send to F3Spartanburg@gmail.com
– Prayers for Iceman’s dad who is having a CAT Scan this morning.  Praise for him being willing to go.
– Prayers for those doing the Palmetto 200
– Prayers for Costanza’s friends who are losing parents/ friends to Earthmover at too young of an age
– Need Q’s for Saturday (Dawn Patrol & 7AM).

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