Just Like Old Times

  • Workout Date - 10/02/2023
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  • The PAX -
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10 Men dismounted the Fartsack in a preemptive strike against Turkey Day leftovers. We planted two shovel flags in cold and windy conditions, and pushed on despite the January-like temps.


SSH x30
One legged burpees x5 ea leg
IW x25
One legged burpees x5 ea leg

Mosey to the middle of the park and break into two teams of 3 and one team of 4. Each team will rotate through the three stations.

Station 1
Modified Beast
Run to cone (10yds apart) completing each exercise x10 (40 total reps, per exercise per round)
Rd 1 – merkins
Rd 2 – squats
Rd 3 – LBC’s
Repeat for 10 mins

Station 2
Push sled to cone, x5 overhead presses, carry sb and sled back
Make 2 passes with sled, then do some core work
Repeat for 10mins

Station 3
Catch Me if You Can (with a twist) #crowdpleaser
Running the big loop
Chasee runs backwards, chaser forwards, flapjack once caught
X5 burpees each time caught
Repeat for 10mins

Fast mosey to the bottom of the park
Duck Duck Goose
Plank circle, plank walk to the left as one guy runs around the circle
Work around the circle to the left
Repeato to the right #smokedshoulders

Mosey to higher ground for 6MOM
Russian Twists x30 #Grit’sidea
Dolly x25
Heels to Heaven x30
Dead Cockroach x25

Fast mosey back to the shovel flags for COT

Naked Moleskin
– A Pax of 10 and sub 30 temps reminded me of the early Swamp Rabbit days
– The backwards run during catch me if you can was tough. Especially on the uphill portion of the track. We’ll definitely see that one again #keeper
– Glad to see The Fort represented in Green Vegas. Come back anytime Repeat.
– For the record, Grit asked for the sleds #gluttonforpunishment

– Prayers for Spicoli – hang in there brother. #Paxgotyourbax
– Prayers for Flay and Latka – #babywatch
– We’ve got several PAX dealing with some tough personal issues – The Nation is here for you.
– Reminder about Christmas in Mauldin – 12/14. Bring canned goods for the Mauldin Elementary Backpack program and get a BBQ dinner and fellowship. All ages welcome.

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