55, It's Not Just a Speed Limit

  • Workout Date - 01/28/2016
  • Q In Charge - Carl's Jr.
  • The PAX - Keystone, Quaker, Seal, T-Bag, I Try, Taylor Swift, Stem Cell, Gluten, Red Wire, Tiny Dancer, Mr. Burns, 12th Man, Gauge, Boomhauer, Padre, Brown Shorts, Slug, Whoopee
  • AO -

YHC hit the speed limit age today and could think of no better way of kicking the day off than some fun in the gloom with 18 F3 Brothers!  So taking the age thing and turning it into a theme, here’s how we rolled:


11 Side Straddle Hops IC

11 Imperial Walkers IC

11 Mountain Climbers IC

11 Windmills IC

11 Burpees OYO

For the Carolina guys out there, that was a total of 55 warm-up exercises.  See where we’re going here?


The Thang:

Partner up for Pattycake Merkins, Lunge Walk from the center to edge of the parking lot, Squats, Lunge Walk back to the center. Started at one rep of each and worked up to 10 of each.  Turns out that’s 55 of each exercise.  Imagine that!

Short Mosey over for a Dora 1.1, 2.2, 3.3.  Did 110 Merkins, 220 Squats and 330 LBCs.  All multiples of 55.  I know, it’s fascinating.  Flyover during this gave us the opportunity for 10 more Burpees!

Some extra time here, so had to call a little audible.  Moseyed up to the wall of the church for People’s Chair while we went down the line with 10 Merkins each.  Turns out that 19 is just a few too many Pax for that particular exercise routine.  Duly noted by YHC!

Jail Break (kinda) back to the SF for a couple minutes of Mary

11 Flutters IC

20-something Dollies IC to finish the time out.


Drifter 6K is Feb 6. 6 Pax from PK signed up, more to follow.

Clemson launch is Feb. 13 at Bowman Field.  Contact information for Sad Clowns to Gluten

Friday running group at PowderKeg starts tomorrow, 1/29, at 0530.


Gluten’s Mom in hospice care and father-in -law recovering from back surgery.

Family from Boomhauer’s community group still struggling.

Quickie’s Son.  Still collecting $ for ongoing expenses.

Padre’s Brother-in law. Facing his final days.

Seal’s shoulder surgery tomorrow morning.  Line forms to pull the catheter at 0700.


Always a pleasure!


Carl’s Jr. out!


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