• Workout Date - 10/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - WiFi
  • The PAX - Johnny 5, 3rd Base, 1D, The Tickler, Nippler, Fred, Gymboree (WD), Lookout Below, Retread, Double Check, Nature Boy, Butcher (WB), Noah, No Bars, Racquet, Sushi, & WiFi
  • AO -

I finally get some RESPECT from you guys.  Yep I am officially an old fart = 10/13/65.  So I am 50!

17 men decided to get better this morning.  Thanks to Johnny 5 for coming out on my BD.

I opened with prayer.  Then we got to work.

Lap around the parking lot.

50 Burpees since I am 50!  10/minute x 5.


To the wall for Man-ups.  50.  10 then run to cars & back x 5.

Big boy sit-ups.  50.  10 then run to cars & back x 5.

Mosey to the back lot for some tire flips in honor of Retread & Murdoch.  Where is Murdoch??

3 tires (2 medium size & 1 large BAT = Big Ass Tire).  Divide into 3 groups.  Flip down and back rotating through each tire.

Mosey to Nippler’s Hill.  Link arms.  Walk up backwards then 10 squats @ top x 5.  We did YO 11 for Sushi on the last one.

Indian Run up hill to sidewalk, back down, & a couple of laps to get us 2 miles per Sushi’s high tech watch.


Veteran get together on Wednesday nights @ 6.  Contact Double Check.

Let There Be Mom Dine Out on 10/22/15.  1D is buying coffee @ Java Jolt if you workout @ Golden Strip.

Prayers for Noah’s Mom’s friend.

Prayers for 4 USC Upstate Students that died in car wreck.  1 was JL Mann Student and member @ Brookwood.

Prayers for folks dealing with flood damage.

Retread closed us with prayer.

Great to be with ya’ll this morning.  GO TIGERS!!

1 thought on “50 = RESPECT”

  1. Happy Birthday WiFi!

    I think you meant to tag this as ‘Golden Strip’ and not ‘Golden Corral’. It seems your mind has already started to slip with age 😉

    However, perhaps you were just contemplating your ‘new’ favorite restaurant, now that you have joined us Senior Citizens. Don’t forget to pull your pants way up, when you go there though, or they won’t give you the discount.

    Best wishes for the next half century.

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