50/50 ratio!

  • Workout Date - 03/05/2019
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - Cheessteak (R), Whisper (R), Peekaboo, Cockpit, Urban, Live PD, Pine Tar
  • AO - Pitchfork

YHC must have showed up early to PF this morning or it was Saturday? After a minute or so our trustworthy brother Cheesesteak whipped into the parking and hollered “two is all we need to be accountable”. Off to a great start, two flags and two PAX! The PAX slowly filtered into PF and the flags continued, we were 50/50 with 4 flags and 8 HIMS. Speaking of accountability Urban was present, welcome back! Enough of this let’s get after it!

MISSION STATEMENT Nailed it….#fakenews

DISCLAIMER The only professional is Church Lady. He is the first to roll into a workout with a police escort, that has to make it official!


SSH x 25, I/W x 20, LBAC forward and back…. NACHO CHESTO J

Mosey to the bus loop for some DORA.

THANG DORA 1 runs and 1 works…you know the drill

100 Dry Docks

200 Plank Jacks

300 Flutter Kicks

200 Plank Jacks

100 Merican’s

Mosey to the basketball court.

Wall sit and wait on the 1st PAX to stand up. Now bear crawl the width and back to the wall.

Wall sit and wait on the 1st PAX to stand up. Inch worm the width and back to the wall.

Wall sit…you guessed it. Monkey humper jumper leap frog thing? Thank RT for planting that seed!

Still have a few minutes and someone hollered abs!

11’s   Crunch’s and Heels to Heaven! Got quiet until one PAX let out an AOC methane violation…rough!


15 OYO Oblique V-Ups

30 V-Ups


ANNOUNCMENTS  P something coming up..

Saturday @ 4pm is the GS (Mauldin Elementary) 5k, cost $15 and make SURE YOU WEAR F3 GEAR!


Bonnie and her continued battle with cancer! Surgery will be soon.

Pine Tar’s sister continued recovery and potential move further south to be with family.

MTD is about to graduate Air Force boot camp! Hoooah

HFT’s father in law (kidney)

Soccer Mom’s M and her upcoming surgery March 11.

Urbans older sister Kerry was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Prayers for everyone involved!

Praise! Peekaboo’s father had a heart cath and it was CLEAR!

Leading is a privilege and a pleasure. Thank you for holding me accountable. SYITG

Ps.. everywhere needs Q’s!

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