5 Mins Hate

  • Workout Date - 01/14/2016
  • Q In Charge - Third Base
  • The PAX - Lite-Brite, Look Out Below, Barney, ATM, Squid, Soccer Mom, Name Your Own Price Tool (or as he put it N-Y-OPT), Short Barrel, Cocoon, Bambi, Thumper and YHC
  • AO -

After a half dozen had our hearts all a flutter because we had the pleasure of a deer joining us for the first time on our pre-ruck through our favorite Simpsonville Hood we arrived back at the Tower for some Painertainment. (“Hey Mikey, I think he likes it!” and so another weirdo joins the mighty ranks rucktardium #oneofus!) Though YHC touted this will be a ruck friendly workout, I weaseled out of bringing my ruck along for this one. Kudos and mad respect to ATM, Thumper, Lite Brite and LOB who all completed the workout under extra load. Here is what went down this morning in the GLOOM.


20 x SSH (4 ct)
15 x Goofball (4 ct)
10 x HB (4 ct)

The Thang
Dubbed the “5 mins of hate”, b/c this was certainly going to suck all the love out of TOT.
So for every minute on the minute for the next 5 minutes we performed 30 reps of a leg exercise. If you were fortunate enough to finish before the minute was up you gave your self a small reprieve prior to the next round. Then, to allow our legs a bit more recovery, we ran down to the stop sign (about 30yds) and back.
All “Clean, old fashion hate” (no ties to either team in this reference, but I generally pull for Tech, just saying.)

Round 1
Super Skaters left leg x 30
Run to Stop Sign and back

Round 2
Super Skaters right leg x 30
Run to Stop Sign (need to use downtown benches for next few rounds)

Round 3
Bulgarian split Squats right leg x 30
Run to Stop Sign (where we started) and back

Round 4
Bulgarian split Squats left leg x 30
Run to Stop Sign and back

Round 5
Step ups x 30
Runs back to start stopped to grab sandbags from our ruck, with slight protest something about personal property..anyhow.

Sally bring us Home
After a few frustrating taps and technical difficulties we began the e’ ole favorite “Bring Sally Up”. Song is actually titled Flower by Moby, however, one will find what you need on Youtube searching for Bring Sally Up.
All PAX in a tight circle, two PAX start with sandbags, as the ladies sing down, we go down to squat, as they sing up, come up, pass the bag to next PAX, wash, rinse, and repeat for the duration of the song. Oh, there is a chorus, and it sucks to be the one left holding the bag during this jewel.

Still not done yet but no worries legs get a break here.
20 x WWI Sit ups OYO
20 x Flutters
10 x Box Cutters

Drifter if you don’t know about this race info can be found here.
ATM’s friend Mark, prayers for strength and encouragement as ATM will be leading them both through a bible study.
Thumper’s friend recovery from stroke.
YHC my dad’s biopsy Jan 22nd and over all health.
Coccoon friend Betsy breast cancer.

ATM, Thumper, LOB, and Lite Brite (as I laughed quietly to my self as they fail for the ruck friendly part) “..was suppose to be fun he said, ruck friendly he said”. Again they were beasts, hats off to the all for completing this today.

Barney said something about promising to Q a work out and talk like our good friend Tony Horton for the duration…need to hold him to that #accountability.

MIA The Whisperer would have liked today’s work out b/c we visited one his favorite locations Bulgaria, with the Bulgarian Split Squats.

Thanks for coming to join me in the gloom, it’s always a pleasure.

Disclosures: YHC cannot be held responsible for moments of stumbling, falling, ability to not walk in straight line, or any I can’t get up moments after leg day!


Later Days!
Third Base

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