5 Card Stud #TOT style

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Short Barrel
  • The PAX - Look Out Below, Road Trip, Third Base, Lite Bright, NYOPT, Soccer Mom, Squid
  • AO -

So the weather conditions were awesome. Low 50’s and slight breeze, pax started to emerge out of the gloom to see what this morning’s workout had in store. All of a sudden, like a flash out of nowhere, Look Out Below appeared to collect some much needed paperwork for a fello prerunner. Lets just say, he was having to make priority #1 coming straight from #2. Like the great Austin Powers said “Who does #2 work for?” T-Claps to LOB for not only being prepared but rocking an awesome pair of ranger panties. Way to have your bro’s butt, I mean back.But lets move on……..

With the pax all gathered round, F3 mission was attempted, disclaimer was given, and I think they got the point.


SSH x 20 IC
Hillbillys x 25 IC

Mosey to the block and head to the church parking lot:

5 Card Stud #deckofdeath Style

Clubs=4 ct. Flutter Kicks
Hearts=Merkins with feet on the block.
Diamonds=Block Swings(same thing as a kettle bell swing but with a block)

Every 5 cards run around the city block. #yo-yo style. Slow mosey east and west but jail brake(or best attempt) north and south. We ended up getting 5 hands in before times up. My apologies fellas but I forgot to start my watch to measure how far we traveled but thanks for the great effort. Tallies for the workout:

Block Swings=56

Blocks up and back to the flags for 2 minutes left. Since my fello #weirdo was not there we did a workout in his honor. Big props for my boy ATM (thanks again for inviting me to F3 and fartsacking on my first day).


Alternating Shoulder Touches x 20 OYO
Tempo Merkins x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 OYO


Announcements: Whisper running half marathon this weekend. Whisper you sir are a beast.

Prayers: for Alexis family, young girl who passed away

Praise: LOB grandfather who wasn’t suppose to make it out of the hospital but did. God is Great!

Main thing fellas. I hate getting up that early in the morning and don’t really like all the dumb stuff we come up with for each other to do. But man I really enjoy all of your friendships. Thanks a lot.

Short Barrel

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