5 for 2018 for 5

  • Workout Date - 01/23/2018
  • Q In Charge - One Direction
  • The PAX - Big V, Flo, NYOPT, The Tickler, Butterbean, Fred, Nippler, Hot for Teacher (WB), My Two Dads, Easy Bake, Thumper, Mayo, Look Out Below, Sushi, Soccer Mom, Gymboree, Jenner (WD), Mary, 1D
  • AO - Golden Strip

19 resisted the urge to sack it on this balmy day, to celebrate the five year anniversary of four PAX, all of whom were in attendance.  Mary, Jenner (er, Kaitlin), Nippler, and YHC started this madness on 01/23/13 and have been better for it ever since.


  • SSH x 18
  • IW x 18
  • Merkins x 10


5 for 2018 – Partner up.  To commemorate five years in the year 2018, each of the original four PAX, selected an exercise that could be done for high reps (critical detail).  Nippler chose Air Squats, Jenner chose Arm Circles, Mary chose flutters, and YHC picked Mountain Climbers, all single count, because…….each pairing was now responsible for 2018 reps total.  Follow me on the math here:  500 squats, 500 AC, 500 flutters, and 500 MCs.  18 burpees were added to the end to pay homage to a fifth guy that was at that “first workout”, named Clay Driggers (Spurrier).  It was done four conrners style in the parking lot with moseys in between stations.  Being that I was not sure on the timing of this madness, i allowed the whole 45 minutes but the PAX crushed it and we finished it in 20 minutes.  Those who finished early took a lap around the parking lot until all were finished.  While I toyed with the idea of a repeato, we moved on to other things.

Wall of Fire – While each PAX held people’s chair, each guy did 10 Merkins.  Must have been a crowdpleaser, as the mumblechatter started.

Plank-O-Rama – Again, while holding Regular Plank position, each PAX called out of different position of choice and counted to 10.  Some counted faster than others and some positions were just plain ludicrous!


  • American Hammers x 18
  • Low Dollies x 18
  • Flutters x 18
  • LBC x 18
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • Rosalitas x 18
  • 5 Burpees OYO



  • Drivers for P200 needed.
  • Runners (2) for Ville to Ville Relay needed on April 14th.  Get with 1D
  • Duathlon National Championships coiming to Greenvile on April 7-8th.  Sushi participating.  Come out and support.


  • YHC gives praise for God’s provision in this time of career transition.  I start a new adventure on March 1.
  • Prayers for Butterbean
  • Prayers for Thumper’s friend in NC who lost his job.



As I reflect on what F3 has meant to me over these five years, I cannot help but think of how awesome it has been to meet and get to know so many #HIM.  As many #sadclowns know, we tend to associate with the M’s network of “friends”.  The Men that I have encountered have helped change my life for the better….permanently!  Life has seasons and we get “busy” or we simply get “lazy” and stop getting better; we stand still.  Being back in the gloom these last few weeks helps remind me of why I need this so badly:  It is very easy for each of us to slip back into #sadclown mode if we are not careful.  Thank you to all of you that have continued to motivate and inspire me, in one way or another.   Mary, Jenner, and Nippler, thanks for the ride!  It has been amazing!!





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