• Workout Date - 12/19/2014
  • Q In Charge - GCOD
  • The PAX - Slim, Mr Winslow, Mr Cotter, Hootie, Amelia, 00, Uber, Sponge Bob, San Diago, GCOD
  • AO -

This is a little late. I apologize. I went back to Ohio to spend the weekend with the family following this crucible and the back blast was delayed.

We had 10 or 11 men show up for the no map, no preblast, no finishers crucible. As the crowd gathered, I chugged a Mt Dew and offered one to San Diago (who apparently will never ride I a car with YHC again). The WV declined.i grabbed the boom box out of the car and instant confusion/worry came across the pax faces.

Cool, let’s mosey.

Quick saunter from SBUX to the amphitheater by the TD pavilion. Is everyone familiar with 11s? Yes, good because we are doing 46s with marking and squats. This brings out some angry/are you serious you a$$ looks. Let’s sweeten the pot some with the musical equivalent of taking something short and turning it into something ridiculously long: Phish. With Trey, Mike, Mitch and John noodling away, we began. I regretted the decision on the second set of merkins. There has never been a more mentally grueling workout. After a couple of Phish tunes, it became clear that mental motivation was needed. Queue the FIA track list from 0.0 the previous week. Sponge Bob lost his shirt. We hit 32 for merkins, the half way point only 497 more merkins to go. Mr. Winslow starts to dance. We hit 20 for merkins. Home stretch baby. Time is running out. Men start saying they will finish even if they have to stay late. Some men leave after an hour. Still much respect and 800-900 merkins for them. Squats start to become an issue as we bang out 500 in the last 15 minutes. This was a bizarre workout. It was failure inducing yet we pushed through. I’m pleased no one killed me. Mumble chatter was low. Encouragement was high. 00 was the only beast to not drop to his knees at any point. Shirtless Sponge Bob claimed the VT. Hootie may or may not have cried. In truth, we all did. I doubt I’ll be indulged with another crucible Q. Or maybe doing stupid stuff to get better is what we are all about. All I know is I’ve done 1000 merkins in a workout and not many people can say that. I also did a 1000 squats. Solid work men.

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  1. Slim, Mr Winslow, Mr Cotter, Hootie, Amelia, 00, Uber, Sponge Bob, San Diago, GCOD

    You guys should sign up for Hook and Ladder’s ‘January 10,000 Merkin Challenge’. About 6-7 guys are already doing it. Honor system, any type of Merkin/Werkin/Swerkin/Burpee counts.

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