44…44…hut, hut!!

  • Workout Date - 10/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - One Direction
  • The PAX - WiFi, The Tickler, Fred, Elmer, Nature Boy, The Butcher, Obama, Third Base, Sushi, Floppy Disk, Baby Seal, Noah, Gymboree, Racket, FNG Neon Deion, 1D
  • AO -

16 brothers resisted the urge to smartsack and slowly rolled into the gloomy chill as YHC waited, as promised, in my Spear Ladened Headgear.  Unbeknownst to me, we had an FNG that cheered for that “other team” with the ugly Orange and Blue colors.  #suckstobehimforafirstpost  Stay tuned for the nickname!



  • SSH x 20
  • Hill Billys x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 15

True to form and a day short of YHCs 44th birthday, yep, you guessed it (as I heard grumbling, not mumbling, from the PAX)…44 BURPEES….OYO!!  Plank when done then take a recovery lap.

Line up on the speed hump for…..WIND SPRINTS to the light pole with a mosey recovery back to the start.  As we were about to embark on our first sprint, i kiddingly said that we were in store for…..YEP, 44!  There was nervous laughter at this point….from YHC, included.

In my mind, I had 10-15 sprints as a good number but as we started to chip away, at what seemed like the impossible task, YHC could definitely tell that the PAX was up to the challenge.  No real variety here except for three or four passes where YHC assigned a Tailback and a D-Lineman to chase.  I played Tailback first, complete with the Helmet, and was very quickly, and I mean quickly, caught by, none other than, THIRD BASE.  Have you seen the man fly??!!  Each time, the TB got a two parking space head start.

The highlight of the morning was when Nature Boy, after very careful assessment by YHC, was chosen to “run the ball” with Third Base seeking the sack.  What ensued next was, simply put, EPIC! Nature Boy, with his two line head start, shot out of the cannon.  As soon as Third Base was in breathing distance, Naitch cut the angle towards the far pylon and left the big man in his dust.  Imagine 14 other PAX ROARING with laughter, all while doing their 40 yard sprint.  That moment will live on…FOREVER!!

Well, we completed ALL 44 Sprints, leaving very little time for Mary.


  • Stop Action LBCs x 25
  • Flutters x 20



  • Welcome to FNG, Mike Ruffett.  Apologies from YHC as I did not even realize we had an FNG.  A good reminder to ALWAYS ask before the workout starts.  Oh well, he is a Gator after-all.  With that said, the names were spinning in my mind and, thanks to Obama, Neon Deion is born!!
  • The 44 Sprints were a blast!  Not what I had intended, but the challenge was too good to pass up.
  • A 45 minute workout with a football helmet….SUCKS!  Mad respect for all you old ballers out there!


  • Relief efforts continue for Cola PAX.  Multiple shipments of needed goods went down today as Golden Strip did our small part to contribute.
  • Brashier Middle College Trail 5K is this Saturday at 9:00.  Course is on the campus of BMC off of West Georgia Rd. in Simpsonville.  Proceeds benefit Josiah’s Journey (for Josiah Jenning’s)


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