4 years and counting……

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2019
  • Q In Charge - PineTar
  • The PAX - CheeseSteak (2R), Whisper (R), Road Trip, Peekaboo, Swamp Guinea, ChurchLady (R), Dr Phil, Punchlist, YHC
  • AO - Pitchfork

Today (or sometime this week anyways) marks 4 years since my first post at Pitchfork.  It has been an uplifting and status quo changing 4 years for me, having made several new good friends, meeting other Sad Clowns trying to get better day by day, and being part of a network of guys outwardly willing to support each other and hold each other accountable.  And, it’s been relatively free ;).  Enough about me, let’s get on with the beat down that ensued.

MISSION – Nailed it

DISCLAIMER – 4 yrs and still working toward pro status, but for now, don’t hurt yo’ self on my watch.


25 SSH – IC

4 Burpees – OYO

20 Hillbillies

4 Burpees – OYO

15 Monkey Humpers IC

4 Burpees – OYO

THANG (mosey to Speedway)

4 Stations at Speedway

1 – Tire Flipping

2 – High Knees

3 – Burpees

4 – Lunge walk length of canopy and back.  These guys are the timer as well, when they finish everyone moves up a station.  Guess how many rounds?  Yep, 4 rounds of 4.

Mosey to the original flag planting location / AKA Kindergarten entrance parking lot

hit the rocks…..with box jumps and dips, that is.  10 of each, repeato 4x.  (Duh)

Mosey back to the front for Merkin Trail of Tears.

Mary – Abbreviated due to the long hike on the trail of tears

BBSU x 4…….and done.


Dueceable coming up – Preblast came out today

Need Q for Saturday at PF.  F3 Vulcan meeting afterwards at Java Bistro


Prayers – Whisper’s friend Randy prepping for radiation treatments, Safe Travels for PunchList and his family unit heading to Disney tomorrow.

Praise – CheeseSteak got an offer on his house! Whisper’s friend Gia is feeling better; CheesSteak’s nephew Charles is back to work after battle with addiction

Always a pleasure – SYITG next time!

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