4 Towers of Terror

  • Workout Date - 10/28/2014
  • Q In Charge - Risky Business
  • The PAX - Goggles, Épée, Big Tuna, Double Winsor, FNG – Clip On (Double Windsor’s son), FNG – Gold Shoes (Michael Johnson), Latka, Lizard Man, Holla, Stewie, Houdini, Smiley Cyrus, Hootie, Risky Business
  • AO -

It’s that time of year when there are plenty of ghosts and goblins lurking the gloom; ready to wreak havoc on those that dare to leave the fartsack. The Pax was warned the previous day, about heights and stairs that could be awaiting them. 14 brave souls entered the gloom this morning for what became known as the 4 Towers of Terror! Apparently, to some, it lived up to its name, as one member of the Pax stated, “it’s quiet out here!” Indeed it was, even YHC was a little frightened at times.
Lastly, Aloha tweeted with great wonder, asking which AO would be the toughest. For Early Main Thang, @IceMan had promised “coupons”, which we know means that the pain would be felt for days to come. @PunchOut was conducting his VQ at the Lions Den, and he made it known that a beat down would ensue.
So which AO was the toughest, we’ll let the Pax decide.

20 IW IC
20 Mt. Climbers IC

The Thang

Mosey to One Place
20 Box Jumps
20 Dips

1st Tower – Richardson Street Garage
-Mosey Up 7 Flights of Stairs
10 Merkins
-Mosey Down 7 Flights of Stairs
-Mosey to 2nd Tower

2nd Tower – South Spring Street Garage
-Mosey up 7 flights of Stairs
-20 Squats
-Human Chair (Arms Out Front, Arms Raised)
-Mosey down 7 flights of stairs

Mosey towards Grace Downtown
Stop by CVS for 10 burpees OYO
Mosey towards Grace Church

3rd Tower – Poinsett Garage
-Mosey up 6 flights of stairs
-10 Merkins
Mosey down 6 flights of stairs

Mosey to the final tower
20 Merkins in front of City Hall
20 LBCs in front of stairs on Main, just past Peace Center
Mosey toward the 4th Tower

4th Tower – Bowater Building Garage
-Mosey up 5 flights of stairs
-10 Merkins
-Mosey down 5 flights of stairs
Mosey back to the Peace Center
10 Derkins
10 Dips
Plank (Left Arm Up, Left Leg Up)
Plank (Right Arm Up, Right Leg Up)
Plank (Down and Hold)
10 Merkins
6 Inches, Raised
20 Flutters
20 Russian Twist
20 LBC’s

Nake Moleskine
-Welcome FNG’s Gold Shoes and Clip On! Great work guys!
F3 Party on Saturday – RSVP ASAP
F3 Expansion – Summerville, Orangeburg, and North Augusta looking for people there to put on the list
F3 Anderson don’t forget Saturdays at this AO
Travelers Rest AO still needs numbers EH some folks –ONLY AO with OPEN RESTROOM ……GCOD
Need Qs at all sites
Bill Nye The Science Guy VQ at Lions Den on Thursday

Prayer Request:
FNG – Gold Shoes – Mother In Law’s health.
Lizard Man’s childhood friend’s mother passed, unexpectedly.
Those that are suffering in silence.

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