4 corners of bad ideas

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  • Workout Date - 08/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - PETA (unofficially)
  • The PAX - SEAL and PETA (acronym PAX)
  • AO -

Another hot, muggy, summer Sunday evening at Cleveland Park was the testing grounds for PETA’s bright ideas for inflicting punishment on others……and himself. Since he does not have login credentials yet, I (SEAL) will be filling in what I can recall from the #beatdown.


  Warm-up:  NOT! 

We did ,however,meet WeedWhacker’s M after she noticed our SF. We then asked her to send WeedWhacker next week and we would make accommodations for the 2.0’s #noexcuses. She also said that although he is getting faster, she can still beat him in a 5k #spousalchallenge.

The Thang: 

Proceed to large field by rope climb and identify the 4 corners/exercise at each. Corner 1 = Mericans; corner 2 = Big boy sit-ups; corner 3 = dips; and corner 4 = Mountain Climbers. First round 5 each, second round 10, third round 15, and fourth round 20 each, appx 40 yards between each station. Was there a 5th round??? #brainfog. Mosey.

Head down to the McDaniel Ave overpass for some hill work. Jack Webb/Joe Hendrix/Jacob Ladder fat ugly lady morph of suck! #WTHwereyouthinkingPETA ?

Part 1: 1 Merican at the base of grass hill. Joe Hendrix or crawl bear (backwards bear crawl) up the hill. 4 air presses at the top. Jog back down. Rinse and repeat at a 1:4 ratio going up to 5 and 20 #OMGshouldersarespasming .

Part 2: 1 squat at the bottom. Backwards jog up the grassy hill. 4 lunges at the top. Jog back down. Again, 1:4 ratio up to 5:20. #calfandthighburner #gotnolegs

Mosey, nay, limp back to SF for some Mary.

9 MOM:

Tabata (sp?) Planking and Flutterkicks between timers. I have no freaking clue how many of these we did. PETA kept changing up the count trying to throw me off. It worked! I can only do double or 4 count #militarybrainwashing .Times up! #thankyoulawd


We did not have a lot here. Only prayers for all the kiddos headed back to school this week. And parents.


Great job PETA. You’re ready for you ‘official Q” now.


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