4 Corners at The Gate

  • Workout Date - 01/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - THE Hard Hat
  • The PAX - Floppy, Uber, Billy Ray, THE Hard Hat
  • AO -

I am continuing my BB streak. Monday’s at The Gate are always fun and never disapoint the PAX.

Warm-up – SSH IC x 30 then some merkins

The Thang

Modified what Earthmover had us doing at The Dog Pound last Friday. PAX go grab a block each.

First Corner = 20 Block Presses then run up the hill and back down. 19 Presses and up the hill. All the way to 1 press. = 210 presses

2nd Corner = 20 Block Merkins (Can modify to merkin on the ground although the pain is still there) then sprint run between corner. Same as before all the way to 1. = 210 Block Merkins

This is were I started smoking Floppy which does not make him very happy.

3rd & 4th Corner combined (Running out of Time)

20 Block Curls then sprint to other corner and 20 heels to heaven. All the way to 1. = 210 curls and 210 heels to heaven. Also all the running = apprx. 2.7 miles of sprints.

Ran a few minutes over but they were good minutes. Always a pleasure leading on a cold morning.

BOM for warmth and soul!

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