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  • Workout Date - 02/13/2020
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - IceMan, Courtesy Flush, Zipline, Bubba Gump, Squatting Dog, No Bars, Almond Joy, Kindergarten Cop, Schwinn
  • AO - The Station

10 shook off the forecasted rain Thursday morning and convened at the country club of AOs to pursue greatness under YHC’s tutelage.    Since the rain was a near certainty, YHC had mercifully planned a shelter workout for the Pax in order to make it as comfortable as possible, and even went so far as to pre-stage the Deck of Death down in the shelter upon his arrival.     Change of plans.

The Warmup

tempo squats


IW (i think – afterall it was yesterday and I can’t really remember)

At this point, YHC took a few minutes to address the assembled Pax and explained that a shelter workout had been previously planned, but an audible was being called.    It would be easy to try and keep all as comfortable and dry as possible, but as F3 men, we’re not challenged to be comfortable – but rather we’re challenged to grow as men and to break out of the status quo.    For this reason, we’re going to embrace the suck and make ourselves uncomfortable, and if we got wet so be it!   (footnote – didn’t rain a bit and we barely got damp from the wet pavement).    Nonetheless, properly inspired we set off.

The Thang

Mosey from the circle up Jason St to Hwy 14 and assemble under the streetlights on the side of 14, where we delight the commuters with a rousing set of monkey humpers for V-day eve.     Public service concluded, mosey to the parking lot at First United and grab a block.     Since YHC had spontaneously abandoned my planned workout, everything from this point forward was completely made up, spur of the moment.   I think that all were pleased with the result.   The work (with block)

20 overhead presses

20 curls

20 hand-on-block merkins (10 each side)

50 s.c. flutter (block overhead)

25 block presses

drag queens (can’t remember count)

10 man-makers

Set completed, mosey around the big block – down 14 to Arlington, left on Ballenger, left on Church St, left back on 14 and then back to FUMC parking lot and grab the blocks for………..
Rinse and repeato all sets of block work and the run around the block

Time is getting short, so put the blocks up, and mosey back to the street lights for more monkey humpers to the delight of the later commuters.    Mosey back towards the circle where we drop at the intersection of Jason and Cannon for 15 hand release merkins.     Afterwards, just enough time to run the steps of the amphitheater (why was this so hard to explain???) and then back to the circle for miscellaneous, dealers choice Mary.


I hope everyone did take a moment to think about the message that YHC was trying to communicate about how challenging the boundaries of comfort and status quo is essential to personal growth.     Always lean into the suck and learn from it and grow from it.     Our families and communities will be better for it.

Prayers for the spoken health concerns lifted up

Good words from a brother about how a personal crisis in his family has lead him to look inward as to what he can take away from the experience and what he can learn (and apply from it)

As always, a pleasure to lead, and I hope that the work was up to the level of your abilities.


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