Curl Raids

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  • Workout Date - 02/04/2020
  • Q In Charge - Play-Doh
  • The PAX - Schwinn; Zebco Sr; Cowbell; Bubba Gump; Play-Doh; Ice Man; Wilson; Spud Webb; NoBars; Zipline; Perry Mason; Courtesy Flush; Napa; +2 more (lesson learned - write the backblast after the workout) (sorry)
  • AO - The Station

The Scene  – Downright balmy 57 degrees in February. Lots of Pax coming out of the woodwork. Nice!

Disclaimer – check.

W/U  – SSH x4IC. And we’re off. Mosey to Park entrance to finish SSH x15IC. Mosey up to Main St: American Hammer x15IC. Mosey across to Pharm parking lot: Merkin x10IC.


Mosey up Church street. Q calls “Down” drop (safely off the street) and do (5) hand-release merkins. Back up and mosey. Repeat every 5 – 20 seconds randomly. Close to 1 mile with ~80 hand release merkins.

Mosey to church. Grab a coupon. 1 Pax grabs block, next Pax grabs paver, block, paver, block, paver….

Lose one coupon so that 15 Pax have 14 coupons. Circle up. 1 Pax without coupon does 20 Prisoner Squats plus 1 Burpee. All other Pax continuous curls with coupon. When squatting Pax finishes 1 burpee, rotate coupons to the left, and next Pax does 20 Prisoner Squats plus 1 burpee.

Basically a curls version of Air Raids.

YHC was not planning on 15 Pax in attendance. Writing this on Saturday from Tuesday workout and my arms still hurt. But, whatever.

Mosey back to Park entrance. Jail break to fountain. Mosey to circle.


Core, core, core. Finish with 10 J-Lo’s as it was the day after the Crotch Super Bowl.


  • Friday – RunAWaze – Riverside HS. Boot camp at a track. 05:15.
  • Monday – kick off low-impact, low-running strength workout at The Station. 05:30. Blue Hawaii.
  • Tuesday – 2ndF – 13 Stripes 7:00 PM.

Workout is just a launching pad to get right. Then go out and do something with it. Like check out Spend your lunch hour once a week with a young man who needs a positive male role model in his life. #3rdF.

Rock on.

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