Weights and early spring

  • Workout Date - 02/08/2019
  • Q In Charge - Sticky willy
  • The PAX - Pine tar, Sammy, cheesesteak, mint julip, short barrel, golden goose egg, peekaboo, dr Phil, church lady, FNG baby shark, dugger, road trip, soccer mom , lob, thumper, Padre, sticky Willy
  • AO - Pitchfork

Great spring morning 63F in February for 17 pax to workout. 1 new FNG (welcome Baby shark ) who found us online!


20 SSH

Arm circle bunch little and big

20 Imperial walkers


Weighted shoulder shrug 10-3x

To speedway

1.   10  (1 merkins/10mt climber each)

(That will get the moaning going)


2. Curls crazy 8 -3x


3.Wall sit weight tri push /partner 10 BbSU 3x.


4. Partner Merkin/row. /bbsu 5- 3X

5.10 weighted goblet squats 3x

6.Air humper/ Chest press 10-3x

To Flags

Overhead press 10- 3x

Crunch / back laying flat weight over head to chest  10-3x

 Good work 

welcome FNG Baby Shark!!


atm is running to prep for P200!

prayer request

peekaboo friends father triple bypass surgery went well praise,and prayer for continue recovery. Troops on missions and who protect our great country, whisper fam as grieve

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