• Workout Date - 05/08/2018
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - Wilson, Grrr, Perry Mason, Training Wheels, Blue Hawaii, Kindergarten Cop, Emeril, House, Zipline, Courtesy Flush, Wally, Almond Joy, Cockroach (Kotters), I-Tunes, Homer Simpson
  • AO - The Station

They came singularly or sometimes two-by-two (sometimes even wearing the same clothes), but in any case, 16 men disdainfully shook off the fartsack and appeared in the gloom for an archived YHC beatdown that had the men in mid-workout mumblechatter form right from the warmup.     The more perceptive and astute of you may notice that my post-workout tweet noted that “kotters” were extended to two of our rejoining brothers.   You may also notice that only one brother is given kotters in the backblast.    That is on purpose.

On to the show……..

Looking around confirms that all present are crafty veterans, so as is typical, the mission statement and disclaimer are dispensed with in the interest of getting right to work.    As it typical and customary with all #TheStation workouts, we began with SSH (25 IC) and Imperial Walkers (20 OYO).     YHC called OYO’s because AJ felt the need to ONCE AGAIN throw shade on YHC’s IW/IC counting abilities.     Following the IW’s, YHC called for tempo merkins IC.   Once again, shade was cast on YHC’s cadence counting abilities as Cockroach, who hasn’t been to a workout in 6 years, felt the need to point out that the tempo merkins weren’t truly in cadence because the tempo durations weren’t consistent.    YHC quickly realized that it was going to be THAT kind of workout, and smiled, securely in the knowledge that he was getting ready to rain down a merciless  beatdown that would have this chatty group silenced forthwith

Leaving the circle, the PAX moseyed the long way around the lake to the bottom of the steps for a quick Joe Hendricks up the steps to the bottom of Cannon Street.    Once all PAX were assembled, YHC explained the work – we would be doing burpee builders up Cannon, all the way to Poinsett.      The build consisted of 25 merkins at the bottom, 25 in-and-outs (or whatever) at the intersection by Bob Barker’s Namaste studio and then conclude at the stopsign with 25 jumpsquats.    At this point, several of the PAX dropped like they have been shot in order to try and get out of the gate ahead, but wait!   There’s more!   After the jumpsquats, we reverse course, back to the Namaste intersection for 15 bigboys and back to the bottom of the hill for a rinse and repeat, with descending sets of 25-20-15-10-5.     As expected, KC and Training Wheels distanced themselves from the rest of the group and set sail.   The rest paced themselves accordingly, making sure to leave sufficient breath to complain incessantly about how much running we were doing and how much this sucked.    I’m proud to say that all PAX successfully executed the workout and kudos to the group for turning around en-masse and picking up the 6 so that we finished together.

Still a little time to kill, so finish out the workout with a mosey back up Cannon to the park entrance, 25 dips, karaoke to the fountain, 5 count Lt Dan, DC step-ups  up the amphitheater and then erectors against a wall (thanks FIA).

Lastly, back to the circle for a quick Mary consisting of called work from our Kotters guys, Cockroach (corkscrews, go figure) and Blue (can’t remember, wasn’t that good anway).

Circle up – all good with the PAX so minimal prayer concerns (our brother Blue’s mother), and thanks to our Creator for the ability to be out pushing one another, and lifting up of unspoken concerns.

Guys, i give you all as much grief as I possibly can, but it’s genuinely a pleasure to be with, and lead you all in gloom.

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