• Workout Date - 03/08/2018
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - House, Zipline, Emeril, Courtesy Flush, Almond Joy, The Muff, ITunes, Spandex
  • AO - The Station

9 men woke to the harsh sound of alarms and snoring M’s, no doubt checked the temps on their weather channel apps,  said “screw it – I’m getting better today”, and rolled out of bed and appeared in the gloom.     Here’s how it went down

The Thang:

Warmup – SSH IC x 25 (executed flawlessly by all).    Next – Imperial Walkers IC.    The intent was to execute 25 of these as well, but evidently, YHC has a bit of a tempo/rhythm issue counting these out, so we mercy killed it after about 12 or so, and allowed YHC to save some face by calling 15 Abe Vigodas  IC.    Enough of this nonsense – time to work

Mosey to the park entrance and set the stage for a dora beatdown.    The lineup was as follows.   P1 runs to the fountain and back, P2 works

100 x Derkins

200 Box jumps (that’s a lot of freaking box jumps)

300 SC lunges,

200 Makthar N’Diayes

100 Dips

Not having any idea how long this would take, YHC had other punishment in mind to follow the dora, but this one wound up taking almost all of our time.    The 200 box jumps served notice that this was a real workout, but the 200 Makthar’s kicked ass.    Early into the Makthar’s someone asked if we could audible and flip the count on the M’s and dips.   Originally, after a brief group consultation, YHC agreed that this was a fine idea,  however, while “enjoying” my run segment, YHC considered who we are, and why we’re here.     Certainly the audible would have been the much easier course to take, but that’s not us.    We’re F3 men.   We’re here to get better, to push, support and encourage each other and we DON’T take the easy way out.    After coming to this conclusion, YHC got back to the work and announced that the audible had been audibled, and that we were sticking to the plan – 200 Makthars.    Proud to say that the 9 men present set their mind’s and bodies to the task and grunted them out.    It wasn’t easy, but we owned those mofos.     I hope those present feel as good about themselves and their efforts as I do.   We earned it men.

Time is almost up, so move to a quick Jack Webb (1:4 x 5) and finish up with 5 min of Mary.   Lastly, in celebration of no train, we conclude with 5 burpees and circle up to give thanks for having the ability to be there.

Excellent work F3 Greer men.   I’m proud to have lead you today.




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