Whoomp Bring Mustang Sally Up

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  • Workout Date - 02/23/2018
  • Q In Charge - Nomad
  • The PAX - Hope Solo, Church Lady (Respect), Deflated (Respect), Soccer Mom, Roadtrip, RunOff, Mint Julep, Pinear, Sadie (Hate), Pet Stain, Lt Dangle, My Two Dads, Billy Ray
  • AO - Pitchfork

14 PAX braved the pre half session for a little music infused throw down.   Music ranged from Wilson Pickett to Newcleus with a little of everything in between … #PopAndLock

Mission – yessir

Disclaimer – yessir, too

Warm up: (Set to Perm in yo Attitude – Bruno Mars):

Find the beat and perform exercise …

  1. SSH
  2. Uppercuts
  3. Hooks
  4. Merkins

Rope Bridge Mozy (short route) around parking lot – with weights at side, every 4 count, bring them up for 4, back down for 4 … (hanging onto rope bridge)

Defcon 1:

  • Cupid Shuffle (Goal is to make it entire song) – Plank position, do the Cupid Shuffle (legs right, legs left … kick up, walk it out) with push-ups on the ‘down down do your thang”

Parking lot Mozy (short route) around parking lot – no weights, gots to save dem shoulders

Defcon 2:

  • Ride Sally Ride, Curls (curls up on Mustang, Sally and Ride) #GottaLoveWilson
  • Run to end of parking lot and back to circle

Defcon 3:   

  • Flutter position, 6 inches, Whoomp There it Is
    • Up on Whoomp
    • Dolly on Shock-a-locka   
      • and there’s a lotta whoomps …. don’t hurt yourself

Defcon 4:

  • Sally-Up Push-Up Challenge (stay off the ground, goal is to complete the song)
  • Run to end of parking lot and back to circle

Partner up for a quick Dora to 100 burpees (partner 1 burpees, partner 2 hold elbow plank (timekeeper)) – Modified to hand release merkins at @80

  • Run to end of parking lot and back to circle

Finish Up:  Mary, Mary – why you bugging?

– Group call starting MJ, then Roadtrip, then Runoff

Announcements:  Half tomorrow, 5K as well, Love on your school cafeteria people when you see them (per Pet Stain), May 19th 7:30 GreenvilleWarFund.com (per Dangle) … by Deputies for Deputies.

Prayer Requests:  Andrew Brunson, Serena (Nomad Customer), Douglas High School, Church lady friend Roxanne stage 4 cancer, Priscilla and My Two Dads (Pregnancies)

Thanks for the opportunity gents …..

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