The wetter the better: Blocks, jocks and squishy socks

  • Workout Date - 10/16/2017
  • Q In Charge - Nomad
  • The PAX - Mint Julep, Look out Below, Mayo, Runoff, Roadtrip, Benign, My Two Dads (FNG no more, welcome), Butterbean, Lt. Dangle, Pet Stain, Cocoon, Soccer Mom, Whisper (Respect), Squid (TWELVE), Bagboy (YHC's 2.0), YHC (Nomad)
  • AO - Tower of Terror

17 Pax said “What rain?” and showed up to get their TOT on. YHC and Roadtrip both showed up with our weinkes out … Rock paper scissors meant that YHC was the Q of the day.  Proud to have my 2.0 (Bagboy) join us today … Lt. Dangle called things to order by curb checking his cruiser …. and we were off and running.

Mission – thing of beauty, and I could have sworn that I heard a few sniffles from the emotion of it all.

Disclaimer … yep.

Cinquo de soccer mom is in effect (5 push-ups) if you hear the thunder … (never came into play today)


  • – Windmills IC 20
  • – 10 slow Merkins OYO
  • – Hillbillies IC 20
  • – Mozy to Andy Griffith’s car  (and grab a block) then to the church parking lot

The Thang

Phase 1 / Partner up

Block-toting-Dora with a little hint of Greta

PAX 1, exercise while PAX 2 jogs block to end of parking lot and leaves it & returns to PAX 1. PAX 1 then runs to end of lot, retrieves block, PAX 2 exercises … continue DORA style until it’s done.

Man-makers (60), Hand-release Derkins (120), Curls/Tris (180 – 60 lower curls, 60 slow tri extensions, 60 upper curls)

Phase 2

– Same partner (or different if you didn’t like your person)

– Yo-Levens

Side A – 10 patty cake BB sit-ups

  • – Tote your block to point B in escalator style (3 steps gradually going lower into a lunge and then 3 gradually getting higher … repeat til end of the line)

Side B – 1 patty cake Merkin

  • – Tote your block back to point A escalator style

Phase 3 – Return your block and Mozy back to circle

  • – Mary
    • Flutters IC 26
    • LBC IC 25
    • Merkin Circle 4 while PAX plank (trailer park girl goes round the outside)
    • Flutter IC 20

1 FNG (Jordan) now known as My Two Dads – thanks to Butterbean for bringing him out.

Announcements: Spinx Run, New AO starting Nov 2 behind QT off of Harrison Bridge Rd, Drake run was a success.

Prayers: Melissa(whisper), Ping(Soccer Mom), NC PAX who lost teen to suicide (Benign).

Thank you gentlemen for the privilege … proud to join you each week to get better.


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