36 Candles

  • Workout Date - 05/06/2014
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Cataract, Beavis, Clapper, Semper, TBC, Slim, Bartman, Snip It, Scuba Steve, Bunyan, Sanchez, Hermie, Enron
  • AO -

I’m not a big celebrator of my birthday, but if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it right. That means kicking it off in The Gloom with The Tank Yard Boys and getting in some serious work. 36 doesn’t seem that old, and 36 reps of anything doesn’t really seem that bad on paper. Reality set in early on, as the reps proved to be a big bite to chew.

14 Faithful posted up for YHC’s BDQ. Here’s how it went down

SSH x 36 IC

IW x 36 IC

MC x 36 IC #ugh #realitysetsin


Intro the coupons (two cinder blocks that will accompany us)

Indian run w/ coupons* (first man and last man carrying/passing) up and around the baseball fields (watch the gate at the top).

*Had to re-educate TBC when he started running double applesauce style, but after one false start, we figured it out.

Into the lower baseball field

Four Corners

Sprint between homeplate, right field pole, center field, and left field pole

9 Burpees at each station* (total of 36) #noticeingapattern

Plank up

Repeato with Perfect Squats* #sneakyhard

Six Inches

*Coupons have to go around as well #figureitout

Indian run w/ coupons down to Hermie’s Holler (#Kotters, btw Hermie. He’s been cheating on us at the Fern for their Beast Mode program #twotimer)

Line up on the low wall

Box Jumps x 36

Circle up

Jack Webb (1 merkin/4 airpresses – 2 merkins/8 presses, etc)

The math majors had it figured out by now. We went up to 9 merkins/36 presses before we were done. (At this point Bunyan quietly begins his Pentecostal Speaking in Tongues routine)

AUDIBLE: Hermie wonders why not one to grow on? Great question. On up to 10 merkins/40 presses

At this point, Bunyan is no longer able to hide the tongue-speaking (nor is anybody else for that matter)

AUDIBLE: TBC decides that, as the 44 y/o #WarDaddy, we might as well take it another step up, so, yes, apparently, this one goes to:

Spinal Tap But it goes to eleven

That’s up to 11 merkins/44 presses

Tale of the tape: 66 merkins and 264 presses

It’s possible that YHC’s form suffered a little bit there at the end. Thank goodness for our aerodynamic hairstyle, as washing hair will likely prove difficult in the coming days #shouldersmoker

Not done in the Holler, yet as it wouldn’t be a Flay Day without an…

Ark Loader

Bear Crawl up the entrance to the street

Sprint to the other entrance

Jameis Winston down

Sprint to the beginning

Repeato x 4

Mosey w/ coupons back to the flag. Those coupons are getting heavy by this point. Lots of sharing the load (and walking on YHC’s part) to get back up that hill.


Flutters x 36 IC

Backscratchers x 36 IC

Heels to Heaven x 36 IC

Six inches and hold 36 seconds



  • Like I said at the beginning, 36 is a LOT of reps, but the guys kept it together and powered through. YHC on the other hand was struggling by the end, but, like they say: If you can’t Q it don’t do it!
  • #Tclaps to Hermie for coming back out (even though he’s a dirty two-timer) and for challenging the PAX to pray for each other during the day. Remember, it starts with the workout, but it doesn’t end there. Turn yourself outwards to your brothers, boys.
  • If you haven’t gone to F3 Spartanburg, you need to. Amazing energy building out there
  • Bad news about 1 Direction’s busted wing. Surgery on 5/20. Keep him in your hearts and minds
  • Prayers for Semper and Scuba as they get through exams this week
  • Lastly, the time has come to pass the torch/shovel flag for The Tank Yard. TBC’s travel schedule is ramping up, and it looks like mine will be soon. Neither of us going any where, but we’re gonna push this down to some PAX that can more regularly be present and ensure strong leadership for this AO. The core group is strong, but we don’t want to be asleep at the wheel. We want a couple of men to step in, so if you missed the workout today and are interested, ping me directly.


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