3 YR Anniversary Convergence at PF

  • Workout Date - 06/16/2018
  • Q In Charge - ATM, Bambi, Whisper, MJ
  • The PAX - Respect Crowd (Cheesesteak, Nature Boy, Church, Pythagoras, Gymboree, Deflated, Whisper), RT, Hump Day, Short Barrel, Butcher, Thumper, LOB, ATM, Easy Bake, Bambi, Padre, B9, Soccer Mom, Live PD, Pine Tar, Sticky Willy, MJ
  • AO - Pitchfork

Today marks the day that 3 years ago F3 decided to get weird and start an AO at Pitchfork.  The past and present site Q’s decided to put on a Quad Q beatdown on this balmy Saturday morning.  1 showed up to pre-ruck, 10 for a pre-run.


ATM’s up first…considering a name change from ATM to Joe Don…you had to be there.

Warmup then partner up for a little humper DORA

P1 – lap around the parking lot

P2 – 150 monkey humpers/150 gorilla humpers/150 air humpers

Normally that many partner humpers at Pitchfork would leave a mess but it didn’t get interesting until the very end.  CheeseSteak and Church Lady had a hump off.  It was glorious


Bambi is 2nd and leads us in a mosey around the school to the b-ball court for 11’s

Merkins & BBSU’s with bear crawls and crab walks in between

Joe Don couldn’t stop staring at Cheese Steak and Church Lady for some reason…


YHC is up 3rd so let’s walk over to the playground for some more 11’s

Pull-ups and burpee tuck jumps.  Short Barrel misunderstood the tucked or untucked direction but someone stopped him before it got really weird


Last but certainly not least Whisper closes out the Q at the Speedway.

Everyone count off in 6’s…sadly math is not a strong point at PF…but humpers are

Station 1 – right leg toe touches

Station 2 – left leg toe touches

Station 3 – calf raises

Station 4 – Deep squats

Station 5 – Al Gore

Station 6 – Take a lap

Everyone completed 2 rounds of this, then back to the flags for some plank holds.  Pretty much everyone was smoked at this point in time.

Prayers – Soccer Mom’s mother in law, Cheese Steak’s mother, Pythagoras’s daughter, Andrew Brunson, Sticky Willy’s dad


Great work to all you weirdo’s!  Happy Father’s day to everyone!  SYITG

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