3-Way 300’s

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  • Workout Date - 10/08/2019
  • Q In Charge - Wally
  • The PAX - Courtesy Flush, ITunes, Wax On, 2-Ply, Spandex, Play-Doh, Wilson, Iceman, Stroke Seat, Napa, Bubba Gump, Lyman, Homer, Kindergarten Cop, Training Wheels, The Muff
  • AO - The Station
  1. 17 men braved the promise of a challenging workout in this cool(ish) morning. We had two early morning scooter riders to contend with, but we managed to claim our spots as needed.

Warmup –

15 SSH and 15 Imperial Walkers

the Thang-

Mosey down to claim the picnic shelter and partner up for 300 bench presses while one partner runs the circle. These guys crushed it.

Double applesauce Indian Run to the church where one partner grabs the block for our second 300. This time it’s block curls while partner runs the parking lot and back.

With that completed, we did an Indian Run/Mosey/Cluster Run back to the amphitheater for, you guessed it, our final 300!

So 300 dips while the partner runs up and down the amphitheater steps.

With just a few minutes left we powered through 50 LBC’s. It was pointed out we lacked 50 reps to hit 1000 so we knocked out 50 squats and met back up at the circle.


YHC had to get his phone so I wouldn’t leave any PAX out of this BB so when I ran back to the circle the PAX were working on Big Boys. We did a plank for30 seconds and that finished it out.

It was a pleasure to lead these men this morning at the Country Club AO.

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