3 Metro Horsemen ride to G-Vegas

  • Workout Date - 06/09/2023
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The chariots loaded up early in Charlotte as 3 horsemen of the apocalypse Conquest (AP), War (Dredd) and Death (YHC) moved southward on their fateful journey.  Famine did not make the trip as we knew Greenfield’s Bagels lurked at the end of the adventure.

Upon arrival, the riders planted the Shovel Flag whereupon they were greeted with a horde totalling a record 20 Pax on a spectacular Legacy Park morning.

The Thang

Ray Lewis – 52x Burpee (early crowd fave)

Lap around the park to CoP, George Rogers style: 38x SSH, 38x Peter Parker, 38x Prisoner Squat, 38x Mountain Climber

Run to Gazebo for 11s or Sabans or whatever you wanna call ’em: 10x Jump Up/ 1x Dip down to 1x Jump Up/ 10x Dip

Run to center of park for a little field work (middle crowd fave):

  • Bear crawl to Big Tree and Back
  • Crab walk to Big Tree and Back, then partner up for
  • Wheelbarrow, man 1 to Big Tree man 2 back
  • Partner carry, man 1 carries to Big Tree man 2 back

Run to edge of park for Tajh Boyd Arm-o-rama: 10x Merkin, 10x Wide Arm, 10x Stagger Right, 10x Stagger Left, 10x Diamond

Run to path’s edge for Jadeveon’s Ladder up to 7x Burpee (late crowd fave)

Run to corner of park for Joey Pankake meets Jack Webb, ladder up to 9x Jack Webb

Run to center of park for Dredd led 6 Minutes of Marcus Lattimore-style Mary: 21x Dolly, 21x Flutter, 10x Burpee, 21x Rosalita, 21x LBC, Superman, 10x Burpee, 15x Knee Up

Mosey to Shovel Flag for CoT


Picture perfect morning with just enough heat and humidity to make the Pax work up a real sweat and know that they earned their downpainment.  And that’s 100x Burpee total as OD so astutely calculated.

TClaps to my tribesmen Aerosmith and Belk back in Metro, their pre-workout Twitter chatter inspired me to kick things off with “Cherokee’s least favorite exercise”, the smack-you-in-the-mouth Ray Lewis.  Limited mumblechatter, a few mutterings of BS but set the tone right.

For the most part we had the grounds to ourselves, we did have a drive-by from a power-walking tomato, TClaps to the brother (couldn’t see who but definitely heard it) who applied the flying EH for our sisters at FiA.  Very strong.

It was brought to my attention that 9x Jack Webb paled in comparison to the 10x version applied by RunStopper during his recent beatdown/ visit.  I assured the group that RS was much more of a bada$$ than me so they’d have to be content to stop at 9.

Those of us who know Dredd well know him to be a man of many talents, and the Swamp Rabbit crew was treated to a display of one of the most finely tuned weapons in Dredd’s arsenal – the namer.  It started during the workout, where Dredd postulated that the name Hugh must have more colorful origins, that Hugh must in fact be a shortened version of a longer name, one that perhaps contained a soft g and the words “hairy” or “balls”.  It continued once Dredd determined that one of our FNG’s hailed from Anderson SC, better known as the Electric City – F3 name taken care of.  This went on during CoT as Dredd sized up another FNG, assessed his skin tone and speculated that said FNG’s mother must have admonished him to apply sunscreen every time he left the house.  The third FNG was not so lucky as he and the Pax learned that hearing/ listening is NOT one of those finely tuned weapons in Dredd’s arsenal.  Seems in Dredd’s mind “Michael Thackston” sounded a lot like “Michael Jackson” and after a quick dismissal of some of the knee jerk options that were bandied about (Thriller, Tito) he settled on the name of MJ’s pet monkey – Bubbles.  At least it’s two syllables.

Couple of announcements from OD: BRR training will start in earnest, keep an eye on emx for run workout opportunities.  Also Pax should mark Saturday September 21st on their calendars for the Apex Games, a locally organized fitness test event, more info to come details on event website here

Most of the group adjourned to Greenfield’s for coffeeteria afterwards, 2nd F was in abundance.

Finally, TClaps to all the Swamp Rabbit crew for an awesome F3 morning – great hospitality, look forward to future visits and of course welcome any of our GVL area brothers to join us in the gloom if they find themselves in CLT Metro for any reason.

And in the spirit of giving credit for the horsemen reference (via Metro brother Today) where it is actually due:

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

Revelations 4:11 (KJV)

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  1. Good to see the originals plus new guys come out… you guys have a great group.

    Keep up the good work, and like Hyannis said, you’re always welcome in CLT (and we’ll be back for sure).

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