3/26 PF – Post P200

  • Workout Date - 03/26/2019
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - Rasheed, Church Lady R, Soccer Mom, LOB, Whisper R, Peek a boo, ATM, Iceman, CheeseSteak R, Lt Dangle, Live PD, MJ
  • AO - Pitchfork

12 men showed up this morning for a post P200 beatdown hosted by YHC.  7 of the 12 ran 200 ish miles and slept in a van down by the river over the weekend…what was your excuse for not showing up!  Easy big fella…need to control the rage (and other things) that were spewing from room 122 at the Hampton Inn in Mt. Pleasant Saturday night.  Enough pillow talk…lets get to it.

Mission Statement – completely butchered it

Disclaimer – see above



SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Windmill x 15 IC


Mosey to playground for 11’s…burpees & pullups


Complete those and mosey to the b-ball court & partner up for 3 rounds of…

P1 – wall squat

P2 – bear crawl forwards to end of court and backwards bear crawl back…beep beep…Iceman’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard


Let’s go grab a tire and flip it around.  Single file line behind the tire…1 flip and take a lap…next time 2 flips and take a lap…then 3 flips and take a lap…getting close so lets just keep doing tire flips and burpees until we get back to the start.  Tire up and mosey to front bus lane.


Mary…11’s…BBSU/bear crawl across bus lane/4 ct flutter/lunge walk back

Get close to finishing then head to the circle for a couple of minutes of plank variations.  Done


Announcements – P200 2020…War Fund 5k 5.25.19…5.4.19 potential work with Gideon’s House on HOG day (YHC had something way different in his head)…CheeseSteak yelling at everyone for not Q’ing on Saturday, also Cheese might roundhouse kick you if you do not update your F3 app information…you’ve been warned

Prayers – Soccer Mom M…ATM daughter…my old HS friend


Great work everyone.  SYITG


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