2nd Birthiversary – Down Goes Nature Boy

  • Workout Date - 01/31/2014
  • Q In Charge - One Direction, Latka, Nippler
  • The PAX - Too Many to List (if you were there, you know who you are; if you were NOT there, you know who you are) but we had 6 FNGs. The Boz, Wild Thing, Jumpstreet, Hoser, Green Acres, Mia Hamm
  • AO -

72 Men (and boys), including 6 FNGs, posted at Legacy to celebrate our 2nd Birthday with the Mother of all convergences.  We circled up and first sang Happy Birthday to SwampRabbit #goosebumps.  Jenner then opened us in the LORD’s Prayer.  YHC was truly humbled to be involved.



  • SSH x 31
  • IW x 31
  • LBC 2.0 x 20

Mosey to the bottom of Legacy and stop at the top of Our Hill.  We split into three groups of 24.  Latka took them to the Pond, Nippler took his group for Beast Mode, and YHC kept the boys for some Hill work.  The following is what ensued , according to Latka and Nippler.

Latka’s Group:

Sharknado! (stolen from Burner at Middle Earth, modified by Latka)
10 Burpees
Run around the pond (0.16 miles)
20 Diamond Merkins
Run around the pond
20 Big Boy Sit-ups
Run around the pond
20 Merkins
Run around the pond

Repeat the circuit x 3

Nippler ran us off the track, so we went up to do some hill work. Threw the gameplan out the window.
Interlock arms for some Elevens
1 Squat at the bottom
Run up the hill backwards
10 Lunges at the top
Run down the hill
2 Squats, 9 Lunges, and so on
Had to turn and face the other direction halfway through #myquadswereonfire

My count sucked throughout Elevens, but I’ll blame it on Nippler for throwing us off schedule.

Mosey back to the shovel flag for some extended Mary – exercises called by various Pax.
LBCs x 20
Air Humpers x 20
Boat / Canoe x a lot
Flutters x 20
Heels to Heaven x 20
Merkins x 20
Padre thought it would be fun to sprint down to the pond and back #crowdpleaser

Joined back up with the big group for some more Mary.

Nippler”s Group:

Took on the Beast (x3)
Round 1
Uphill: (50 yds sprints in-between each exercise)
– 20 Merkins, 20 LBC’s, 20 Squats.
Downhill: 20 LBC’s, 20 Merkins, plank-o-Rama
Round 2: Same routine, but Mtn Climbers replaced LBC’s
Round 3: Same as Round 1.
Mosey to the Hill of Pain:
22 PAX, with interlocked arms, walked down the hill, (1) squat, then walked backwards up the hill for (2) Squats, continued progression to (10) Squats.
PAX, now on their own, raced up and down the hill with the same goal, this time doing Merkins at each stop.
Short Mosey to the pond for a ride on the escalator. ran a lap in-between each segment: 5 Burpees, run, 5 Burpees/10 Merkins, run, 5 Burpees/10 Merkins/15 Dips, run, 5 Burpees/10 Merkins/15 Dips/20 Squats, Run, Back down the escalator….20 Squats, Run, 20 Squats/15 Dips, run, 20 Squats/15 Dips/10 Merkins, Run, 20 Squats/15 Dips/10 Merkins/5 Burpees. Mosey up to the shovel flags for some time with Mary. Tried to slip in 11’s with wall jumps/Derkins- but audible called as the other groups gathered for 6 MOM.

1D’s Group:

Stay put on the Hill for Squat Builders to 10.  Backward link up the hill with a Perfect Squat at the top, then two, three, etc.

Now flip over for Merkin Bear Crawl Builders.  One merkin at the bottom, bear crawl up, two merkins, mosey down for three, etc.

Switch with Nippler’s Group for Beast Mode Burpees Builders.  It was at this moment, I noticed an FNG (The Boz) was not wearing gloves and it was cold, if i must say.  Gloves off!  Not everyone complied.  Wimps!  3 circuits of Burpee Builders

Next up is Beast Sprints.  Sprint to the first tree, mosey to the second and regroup.  Sprint to the third tree then mosey.  Turn around and repeat downhill.  Reset for another round.  It was at this point I heard mention of Monkey Humpers, so the fulfill Sushi’s request, Monkey Humpers x 15.

Mosey to the bottom of 1D Hill.  YHC recruited T.B.C. who is on IR for help in the next rotation.  Run up 1D Hill and then do what T.B.C. instructs.  Repeat the ascent after each set.

  • Merkins x 15
  • Flutters x 25
  • Squat & Holds x 10

Grab your stuff and mosey to the Fern for Wall Burpees x 10

At this point, we gathered back as 6 Dozen for AB Slicer

  • MC x 30 (IC)
  • LBCs x 15
  • MC x 30 (IC) this was starting to confuse guys
  • DTTC Right x 15
  • MC x 15 (4)
  • DTTC Left x 15
  • MC x 15 (4C)
  • Flutters x 15
  • MC x 15 (4C)
  • Russian Twists x 15
  • MC x 15 (4C)
  • SitUp Hold x 30secs.

Done & Smoked!!


  • Namorama was Epic.  Welcome to all of the FNGs.  Some looked happier than others (The Boz).  As much MumbleChatter (lead by Sushi) and laughter here as YHC has ever seen. #tookforever
  • In what could be my favorite F3 COT moment, Nature Boy named off in true fashion for the group.  As he was on display, with my back to him, it became obvious that he was on the ground and a roar of laughter ensued.  Upon gathering himself, he calmly and quietly arose, brushed off and proclaimed (and I quote), “Man, I think I just passed out”!  Yes, our own Nature Boy did his best and conducted his entire rant on a single, shallow breath of air.  Hey brother, the brain needs O2 to function #breathe #PAXlaughter #favoriteF3moment.  In checking on him later in the day, he admitted to his legs get “tingly” and said he knew he was in trouble when he could not hear anything.
  • No Gloves SUCKS.  Thanks to The Boz (by the way, he was born in 1988 and upon receiving his nickname, asked who The Boz was)
  • Mia Hamm (wearing an NCState Hoodie) tried to throw the PAX off by claiming to play soccer for NC State, when indeed he was a prolific reliever for the Wolfpack Baseball team.  In hoping to avoid a crummy nickname, the joke was on him.
  • Green Acres (54 years young – RESPECT) was a flying headlock during the workout  T-Claps to the PAX that landed him.  Welcome to F3 and The Big City
  • Longbottom bailed early.  It is worth mentioning that when he did so, he had snot all over his face.  Hope he cleaned up on the way home.
  • Awesome closing prayer by Flay


  •  Drifter 6K next Saturday at Lake Conestee Park.  Pre-race beatdown at 8:15 if you are brave enough
  • February 28th – Donut Run for the Mauldin High Lacrosse Team.  Get with Sushi for details
  • Palmetto 200 Team needs 5 Runners – Get with 1D or Mary for details. Race is March 20-21

Thanks to Nippler and Latka for a Record setting day!


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  1. Great job Redwoods. Singing Happy Birthday and saying the Lord’s Prayer was a nice touch.
    Great to have so many FNG’s too. Welcome to each one.

    Now let’s #payitforward in Hartsville, Atlanta, Asheville, Greenwood, etc.

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