2nd annual Toys for Tots Convergence

  • Workout Date - 11/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - I was a 5th Grade spelling bee champ, but that doesn't mean it was easy to spell ya'lls names.... Flay, Mary, Jenner, Homeward Bound, Weedwacker, Wingnut, Pablos, Houdini, Duplo, Amelia, Waco, Earthmover, Sushi, Blades, Roscoe P. Coltrane, Wilson, Double Aught, Slumlord, Whoopie, Plan B (lake murray), Easy Bake, Stewie, Ricky Bobby, Nature Boy, Commodore, Dollywood, Mr Winslow, Iceman, Gluten, Epee, Latka, Church Lady, Phil Dunphey, Padre, Erector, Holla, Quickie, Golden Sombrero, 1D, Corral, San Diago, Inspector Gadget, The Tickler, Bambi, PETA, ATM, Alfred, Look out below, Clapper, Teddy Bear, Elmer, Footloose, Soccer Mom, Wifi, Ukelis, Sanchez, Caviar, The Hard hat, Gutshot, Uber, Wall-e, Hydra, Brown Shorts, AFLAC, Thumper, Squid, Hootie, Punchout, Caliendo, Floppy Disk, Gymboree, Murdoch, Retread
  • AO -

73 men put their best foot forward and got to the Wellness Arena to help support 93.3 The Planet’s Toys for Tots drive.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to show F3 support for our community!  YHC was extremely humbled to see person after person roll in, and even have some out-of-towners who weren’t shy about donating to the cause (much thanks).

Warm Up in a giant circle
SSH X 20
Superman Burpees X 10
Mtn Climbers X 15
Merkins X 10

Split into 4 groups (1 – 0.0 option, and 3 other Q’s)

0.0 Option led by YHC
1 minute, 10 Burpees – 5 times through.  The faster you go, the more rest you get.
**I don’t think I made friends with the Ruckers on this one.  Major props to them for doing the burpees with Rucks on.

Lunge walk to Post #1
5 Merkins
Lunge walk to Post #2
5 Merkins, 10 Squats
Lunge to Post #3
5 Merkins, 10 Squats, 15 Air Humpers
Lunge to Post #4
5 Merkins, 10 Squats, 15 Air Humpers, 20 DC Flutters
Plank it up
**At this point, 2 of the Ruckers (Murdoch and Retread) departed and probably are still out there.

Repeato Lunge walk circuit, but in reverse
Plank it up
Hold Chair pose to get the legs toasty

Group 1 Led by Iceman – #Ice’sWords

Parking Garage Escalator
Level 1 – 10 Merkins
Sprint the ramp
Level 2 – 10 Merkins, 20 Squats
Sprint the ramp
Level 3 – 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBC’s
Level 4 – 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBC’s, 40 Plank shoulder touches
Level 5 – Add 50 SSH
Plank and wait for the 6, then backwards run up the last 2 levels and down the stair well

At the bottom, Golden Ratios:
Jack Webb up to 5:20
Jack the Ripper up to 28:7
Smurpees up to 16:4

Group 2 Led by Flay – #Flay’swords

Smurfjacks at the bottom and burpees at the top (double #crowdpleaser); hit every step

Brief pause to protect the territory as Latka’s group tried to budge in on us #GetoffmyLawn

Plank up for the 6

Out to the parking lot and circle up

Dan Taylor Pyramid up to 5 Teabaggers/20 lunges and back down #Noskippinglegday

Mosey back up to the starting point and circle up

Mini-mary while 0.0 finishes up
Flutters X 20 IC
Backscratchers X 20 IC
Re-group/pass the lead to Sponge

Group 3 Led by Latka – #Bestshortsever
– No word on the BEATdown that was had, but we all know there is a strong correlation between the quality of Latka’s Q’s and the Quality of the boardshorts he wears.

All together for some 6MOM
Make ourselves credible with some Monkey Humpers X 10
Squats X 10
**YHC realized that Sushi was getting quite agitated that the counts were stopping just short of YOLEVEN.  #pokethebeartime
Flutters X 11
**Very disappointed that the PAX screamed YOLEVEN instead of HALT.  We’re losing our decorum here.
Superman Merkins X 12
Backwards Crunches X 12
Russian Twists X 12
Plank up while YHC goes and grabs his cell phone on the other side of the Arena

Naked Moleskin

1)  2 more guys needed for traveling to Knoxville on 11/20…do it
2)  Flay:  Great to see Nature Boy back out.  According to him, he’s gotten fat, but he can still pull the #SugarRay on the burpees
3)  Flay:  The Holidays loom and the season of giving is upon us.  Also means we’ll be having lot of chances to get the band back together (Today, Turkey Day convergence #pitchfork, Holiday Party – 12/12 preblast is out!).  If you’ve been out for a while, you are missed.  Come on out and get some 2nd F and take another sip of the Kool-aid.  Might motivate you to un-ass the old #fartsack and rejoin us in the gloom.

1D was great to point out that the Wellness Arena is where F3 Swamp Rabbit has it’s roots.  First workouts were held there.  Great to have a lot of the Redwoods there and still continuing to come.

DON’T LET EVIL BE A REASON TO BE SCARED TO DO GOOD.  Today was an excellent showing that their is Good in this world.  It’s just not sexy enough to be put on the news as BREAKING NEWS.  Get out there and keep the Good in the world.

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