2nd Annual Swamp Rabbit F3 Foundation Golf Tournament

  • Workout Date - 10/20/2016
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act, Latka, Bambi
  • The PAX - Anyone who loves golf, or enriching the outreach of F3 Foundation in the Swamp Rabbit region, or America, or puppies.
  • AO -

Okay, golf sequels don’t always work out.  I mean, Ty Webb is wearing an earring.  I’m shocked Dan Aykroyd survived this.  Heck, I’m shocked the Unsolved Mysteries guy survived this… or maybe this is why he became the Unsolved Mysteries guy.  How great and horrible was 1988 for pop culture and fashion?  Seriously, comment below.  Regardless, we are here to buck the trend.  Last year, @Latka and his band of merry PAX pulled off an incredible event to raise money for the adoption of Dennis, @GCOD’s newest addition to his family. The goal this year is to raise money for our local F3 Foundation.  What’s that you ask?  How much do we currently have in the Swamp Rabbit foundation budget?  Zero.  Zilch.  @Zoila.  Nada.

So, what happens now when we have an urgent need in the community that needs to be addressed?  Typically, a group of #HIM get together to pool money and supplies to address it.  I’d be willing to bet it would not only be easier to coordinate efforts with an actual foundation budget, but more opportunities would present themselves with the knowledge of said budget.  What better way to start this budget than to get together and enjoy some serious 2nd F with a round of golf.

The time has come for the 2nd Annual F3 Swamp Rabbit Golf Tournament, and we need everyone’s help spreading the word.  Please mention this during COT at each AO for the next couple months.  Details below.

What:  F3 Swamp Rabbit’s 2nd Annual Golf Tournament.

WhenThursday, October 20, 2016.  Registration opens at 11:30am.  Shotgun Start at 1:00pm.

Where:  Bonnie Brae Golf Club – 1116 Ashmore Bridge Road, Greenville, SC 29605.

Who:  Anyone that likes to have a good time – FNGs are welcome…  Anyone who cried watching “Beaches” is not.  What?!  I’m freed to lead, my friend.

How Much:  $60 per head, and bring some cash to purchase mulligans and red tees at the course.

Format:  Four-man Captain’s Choice – register as a team, or individually.  We may or may not allow @Iceman and @HardHat to team up.

Why:  Huge 2nd F opportunity, all proceeds will go to the F3 Foundation, and golf, that’s why.

“How can I help?”, you ask.  1.) REGISTER to play.  2.) Spread the word to the pax and your friends.  3.) If you or your company would like to donate some cool schwag for us to raffle or give away at the tourney, please let us know.  Even better, contact us in order to be a sponsor of our event!

We’ll get some registration and payment info posted online and sent out in our weekly email.  This will be a BYOB event.  The more people that participate, the better the prizes, the bigger the charitable impact, and the more fun we will have.

If you’re having trouble deciding if you should play or not, let the sweet sound of Kenny Loggins on the Caddyshack 2 soundtrack wash over you, cause you’re Nobody’s Fool.

If you would like to decline this invitation, please do so here.

See you on the links, PAX.

Affordable Care Act

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