Listen to my Voice….Always

  • Workout Date - 02/16/2013
  • Q In Charge - One Direction (Nippler for 6 MOM)
  • The PAX - Barcode (FNG, Kip Haley), Freeze Dry (FNG, Jonathan Nelson), P-Trap (FNG, Terry Crosby...can you guess what he does for a living), Nippler, Barbara, Jordache, IceMan, WiFi, Longbottom, Debit, SlimFast, King Cake, Double Fault
  • AO -

14 faithful posted this morning, with 3 FNGs making the commitment!  Strong considering it was 36 degrees and flurrying.  I think that defines GLOOM!




SSH x 30

Mosey around the circle

Squats x 20

Mosey around the circle…..again!


PARTNER UP with someone your “size”

Today we had gear consisting of 10 and 12 lb. weights, as well as a 20 lb pack.  Each team grabbed one weight.  IceMan and Jordache grabbed the pack.  Head to the bottom of the big Hill.


Hill sprints and Merkins x 5 (One partner sprints up and back while the other does as many Merkins as they can).

Plankorama when finished

Hold Plank for 30 seconds when last team is done.


Mountain climbers x 15

Squats x 15

Mountain climbers x 15

Squats x 15 (This time the cadence changed dramatically, with us holding the down count more than once)

Mosey down the hill to pond. Recovery…oh wait…15 Mountain Climbers.

“Recovery Lap” around the pond

Back up the hill for….one more set of…..SQUATS x 15 (Again, listen to my Voice)


Partner Up!

Hill Piggy-Backs (Alternating) x 3.  This is where the legs really started to BURN!  Hope your partner is “your size”!  Pretty even match-ups.


Down to the pond again WITH GEAR.  Give me a 10 count!

Team laps around the pond (One guy runs while other does shoulder raises (anterior or overhead) with weight) X 3.

Group Recovery Lap around the pond

Mosey over to the steps.

Step squats with weight x 2 (switch the weight to the other guy at the top)

Quick trip up the Hill (Guy with weight sprints.  Guy without Bear Crawls)


6 MOM (Lead by Nippler)





Dead Cockroaches (Truly ugly – We all agreed to aim to get better at these)

Thanks Nippler for the PAIN


Mosey back to the parking lot (the long way)


Closing Prayer



Awesome job by everyone this morning.  The partner dynamic worked well and there was a lot of MUMBLE CHATTER and FEBA!

Welcome to FNGs Barcode, Freeze Dry and P-Trap.  F3 SwampRabbit is continuing to GROW.  Keep encouraging your buddies to come out and join us.

We are generating interest for the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay) on Sept. 6-7.  Looks like there may be a SwampRabbit Team forming.  As a reminder, we need 9 guys.


T-claps to WiFi as today’s WarDaddy (oldest PAX to post)


Next workout is Wednesday at 05:30, BiLo Center Steps.

Also stay tuned for a possible additional workout on Mondays.  Possibly the Mauldin Middle School track (Wear headlamps if you have them).


Aye & Smoke Boots!

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