Assault on Tank Street

  • Workout Date - 04/05/2016
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii (Kotters), Highwayman, Erector, Almond Joy, Bob Barker, Grrr, Cockroach, iTunes, Shep, Slick Willy, Mr. Head, Perry Mason
  • AO -

Conditions were 57 and windy this morning as 12 PAX laced up their running shoes at the Station.  It has been a while since YHC did a Q with much running, so it was time to go back to basics for a string of pearls style Q.


SSH x 20

IW x 20

At this point, I saw what I thought might be an FNG emerging from the shadows.  But no, its Blue Hawaii! Apparently his Paris Mountain running partner Wilson, our resident cyborg, needed to recharge his power cells following the Umstead 100, so Blue thought he would see what we were up to.

Enough warmup, as we have some ground to cover.

The Thang

Mosey to the Wild Aces parking lot and grab the rail for 25 rows OYO.  As soon as we done, we continue running to the Church of God down Trade St. for some Joe Hendrix and lunge walks.  As soon as everyone is done, we continue on to Veteran’s Park to greet our old friend – Tank Street.

Time for 11s with American hammers at the bottom of the hill and merkins at the top.*  Highwayman crushed this. While we waited for the six, YHC had the finishers grab some wall for some arm circles out front and overhead, followed by air presses.

Once everyone is done, we start back the way we came.  One wrinkle – we Indian run back to the church.  At the church parking lot, we do 25 LBCs and 20 squats before continuing up Trade Street.  After we cross the train tracks, we did balls to the wall to see who would hold out the longest.  I believe Highwayman took the VT.

Time to head back to the Station.  Everyone thinks it is time for Mary, but I have another surprise for them – merkin clock.  Get in a plank facing 12 o’clock and do 12 merkins, then rotate through the points (planking throughout) doing merkins for each hour (1 for 1 o’clock, etc.).  There was some questioning as to whether this constituted core work.  I overruled the objection, reminding the Pax that I did not say we were doing Mary yet and reminded them that the plank movement does in fact work your core.

After the circle was complete, YHC called out  for everyone to get on their 6.  More objections rang out about time being up, but this objection was overruled as well.  YHC held that there was still time for 1 more exercise.  We got through 15 erectors before time was called.


Praise for Erector’s church for raising the funds for Natty’s daughter to get the treatment she needs.  Prayers for her recovery .  Prayers for Blue’s family on the loss of his aunt.  Prayers for Wilson in recovering from his race, although after a few adjustments I am sure he will be fine.

Good work men.

  • Contra the Bowie song at the top, we did not run the hill backwards.  Next time perhaps.

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