Keep moving! Faster faster!

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  • Workout Date - 01/07/2016
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Grrrr, Biofreeze, Perry Mason, Clippers, No Bars, Spring Break, 1st Date, NSA, Cockroach, Ricky Bobby, Footloose, Blades, Slick Willy, Wally, Playdoh
  • AO -

Numbers were looking good as YHC pulled up in the gloom. The PAX were circled up and ready to go at 5:29. Two very fast and sweaty pre-runners joined the group just in time.


-Big arm circles, small arm circles, R&R in reverse (YHC started lifting again)
-20 SSH, IC
-20 toe touches, IC
-20 slow squats, IC


Mosey up to Jason St.
All PAX grab some curb for 10 derkins on YHC “down and hold…… up!
Partner up.
Partner 1 planks while Partner 2 lunges
YHC takes 20 lunge steps, then yells “Switch!”
Partner 1 lunges to partner 2 who is planking
Continue all the way down Jason

Mosey to Greer 1st sanctuary
Partner 1 holds superman while partner 2 does JH up stairs, runs to other side and crab walks down. Switch.

Mosey down N. Miller. Stop at Church for 20 flutters, IC

Mosey down Church and on to MUMC campus
Each PAX grabs a breezeway column for wall sit. 20 air presses, IC

Continue mosey through MUMC campus to blocks at FLC
All PAX grab a (heavy) block and perform the following reps:

-20 curls, 3 count up, 1 count down
-20 curls, 1 count up, 3 count down

Return blocks and mosey back to and down Main to Jason.
20 flutters IC at Jason to round up 6
Continue down Jason, left on Cannon to City Park Entrance for “Burpee Round-up”

YHC instructs the PAX to run as fast as they can down and up Cannon all the way towards E Arlington. First PAX to reach E Arlington turns around and runs back down Cannon. When they meet the next PAX, stop and do a burpee. Then, both turn around until reaching the next PAX, do a burpee and continue back down Cannon until all PAX are rounded up.

Mosey back to park for Mary.


Circle of Mary, kinda…


-Footloose is on track to clinch his second Mummblechatter award by March

-Grrr has decided that he is fast. Moseys today were more or less not moseys but runs as 1st date, Blades, No Bars, Perry Mason and Spring Break were all on YHC’s ass implicitly begging him to go faster. Grrr avoided the 6 like plague.

-YHC has yet to beat Playdoh up the stairs during JH, but he almost tied him today. #progress

-Damn The Station’s blocks are so much heavier than everywhere else.

-Blades and 1st Date hit their nitrous on Burpee Round-up. It was ridiculous, as expected.

-Great morning at YHC’s favorite AO; fast or slow, weak or strong, the Greer PAX operate as a unit and YHC can’t get enough. #ISI. Great job by Footloose and Slick Willy keeping the 6 moving, setting goals and pushing to accomplish them.


-Convergence at Star Command on 1/23. This is an AWESOME AO! YHC encourages all PAX who can make it to post. Local Nantan Iceman will be a Q. Should be memorable.
-Sign up for the drifter today to secure your shirt size! Use discount code “F3”
-No Bars asked for prayers to sell one of his properties. This is a reminder to YHC that the best way to ensure financial security for you and your fam is to give it all to God. His guidance always puts us where we need to be.

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