23 Hour Birthday

  • Workout Date - 03/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Rocky Top, Scuba Steve, Sanchez, Steamer, Beavis, Squeal, Hook'nLadder, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

Due to daylight savings time my birthday was shortened to only 23 hours. What better way to celebrate than with a beatdown for the Tankyardigans. God has given me 42 years and hopefully 42 more. Let’s move it!!!


Warm up

  • SSH x 21 IC = 42 reps
  • IW x 21 IC = 42 reps
  • Squats x 21 IC = 42 reps
  • MC x 21 IC = 42 reps

Mosey. The PAX always chatter when they see cones set out. This morning was no exception. Three lines of cones were set out and we began.

  • Bear crawl to first line. 14 Merkins. Crab walk to next line. 14 Merkins. Turn around crab walk back two 2nd line. 14 Merkins. Sprint back to start. 14+14+14=42
  • Repeato with stagger right Merkins. 14+14+14=42
  • Repeato with stagger left Merkins. 14+14+14=42

Mosey to lighted picnic shelter for 11s. Step ups/squats.

Mary in the middle

  • LBC x 21 IC = 42 reps
  • Reverse LBC x 21 IC =42
  • Rosalita x 21 IC = 42
  • Dolly x 21 IC = 42

Back to the benches for 11s. Dips/Derkins.

Mosey around the back way around the namesake Tank and back to the flags.

More Mary

  • LHC right x 21 IC = 42 reps
  • LHC left x 21 IC = 42
  • Boxcutter x 21 IC = 42
  • Reverse boxcutter x 21 IC = 42
  • 21 plank dips OYO
  • Erectors x 21 IC = 42 reps

As we were finishing up COT and eating doughnuts and drinking Bloody Mary’s that Squeal brought we noticed more cars coming in. Apparently Iceman and The Hard Hat had gotten some bad Intel on the time. With photographic proof we accepted their story that the Q calendar had the wrong time. Mine was correct but we forgive you. They would get a workout too with Sanchez doubling down.

Great work by all the PAX! The Tank Yard Sunday Edition continues to grow. So thankful for these men and this fellowship. There was some talk of moving over to Steamer’s fire station to try and EH his coworkers.

Prayers for Rocky Top and M having another boy. Prayers for Scuba Steve and the other ruckers traveling to Charleston Custom Heavy. Prayers for all our F3 brothers!

Thank you for all the prayers for my family and for my youngest girl. She will have to wear two hearing aids from now on. Hopefully the damage does not get worse and she can return to her normal routine. His will be done in all things.

See you in the GLOOM!!!


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