Baby Its Cold Outside

  • Workout Date - 11/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hook And Ladder
  • The PAX - Whoopie, Quacker, Clapper, Gluten, Missing, Carls Jr, Brown Shorts, Ukalis, Catholic Rabbit, Drama Queen, Whittle, Inspector Gadget, Padre, Slug, Swift, Keystone, Tiny Dancer, Stem Cell, H&L
  • AO -

Even a balmy 28 degrees couldnt keep 19 men in the fartsack this morning as the curiosity got the best of them to find out who the “guest Q” would be. It would be me of course as I consider myself a guest since my unexcused absences have been occurring rather frequently. Alas lets get to the meat of the subject shall we….

The Workout

I have started a new rule (to myself at least) that we will start out each workout on time with the customary SSH but the catch is we will continue as the stragglers keep coming. We don’t stop until everyone is in the circle. This creates great mumble chatter and today was no disappointment. Once we were all together we moved right into a few hillbillies and then it was off to the parking lot for our first “event” of the morning. We paired up for a little “catch me if you can” for around 10 minutes. #crowdpleaser but remember to recover on the run. After we were warmed up we took a trip to the block pile and circled up for some squat press followed by merkins (one hand on the block the other on the ground). Some curl/presses rounded out the block work in this area so we then took our coupons down to the parking lot in a slowsy fashion for our leg burner. We formed two lines and proceeded to lunge walk half the lot with our blocks and then place them ever so carefully on the ground and sprint to the end and then back to the blocks picking them back up and continuing to the start in lunge fashion. This turned into a small zombie walk ie when the groaning starts. Back to the toy box we would go for what the PAX thought was our trip to stash the blocks but there was more in store. Another round of squat press and more merkins then we got to put away the blocks. YHC was slightly behind Quaker as we started back toward the church and it was about the half way point when I decided to ask him where we were going. Sometimes I just go with the flow as usual my workouts are made up as we go anyway. We eventually stopped in front of the church so what better place for a little Mary I thought, so Mary it was. All sorts of fun gut busting exercises were performed, so many I cant remember them exactly but one crowd pleaser i know was my version of the flutter (only ground contact is with your glutemus maximus). We had a little time to spare so we took a trip to the litter box and side by side we slid through the tunnel of love. No rest for the weary so it was an all out jailbreak back to the flag for the end of our expedition. Hope you enjoyed, we will do it again sometime. Peace


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