21 or Merlot

  • Workout Date - 12/10/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Twerkin, Urkel, Highlights, Holla, Dollywood, Whoopie, Mo Money, Winslow, SanDiago, Wee Man, Domer Simpson, Double Windsor, Satisfry, Bubba Gump, Weedwacker, Soup, Earth Mover, Soul Plane (WD), Spongebob, GCOD, Stewie, FNG Michael M - Keanu Sleeves, Iceman
  • AO -

23 men (including 1 FNG) posted at #MainThang rekindling days of yore when MT was consistently on the brink of #problematicstatus. Make no mistake, it’s a good no, great problem to have.

The Thang
IW x 20
Down & hold plank jacks x10
Squats x15

Let’s mosey down through the PC amphitheater, cross over the Bridge over the River Reedy and to the stairs below The Lazy Goat. Plank up while I do a quick check for #blackice on the steps. Couple bad spots so I #audibled out of the stairs…

Super21 Ladder
YHC saw @DarkHelmet’s #backblast from Fort Mill where they did a Super21. I decided to take that idea and make it a ladder
Super21 is 3 sets of paired exercises where each set you do equal reps of each exercise. Example – 1 diamond merkin / 1 jump squat…2 diamond merkins / 2 jump squats….up to 7. Then change to the next pair of exercises. Round two goes from 8 reps up to 14, round 3 from 15 to 21 #clearasmud
Round 1 (1 to 7 reps)
Diamond merkins / jump squats
run down the river to the steps below Hall’s Chop House
Round 2 (8-14 reps)
run back to the steps at Lazy Goat
Larry Craigs / lunges)
Round 3 (15-21 reps)
Merkins / heels to heaven
run back to the steps at Hall’s Chop House
Round 4 (14-8 reps)
Larry Craigs / lunges)
run back to the PC to finish the last set
Round 5 (7-1 reps)
Diamond merkins / jump squats

90 sec plank


Observations from the #gloom….

-YHC rolled up and parking was hard to come by. Guys continued to roll in as we got started. Loved seeing so many guys – old and new faces. One rolled in really late and found us when we got back to the PC for 6MOM
– @GCOD called me out on twitter last night. Said he had an FNG coming and questioned my ability to deliver a #beatdown. Good thing I had a Super21 Ladder planned #itwasturrible
– Speaking of @GCOD, somewhere during round 2 I look over and he’s taking an eternity adjusting the velcro straps on his shiny Altra’s. #veteranmove
– About halfway through round 3, @Whoopy said it’s “21 or Merlot…er bust”. So #tclaps to him for the title of this backblast
– Round 4 is where I shared with the PAX that this was actually a Super21 Ladder. Many moans and groans ensued. Including @Domer staring holes into my chest and hurling some NSF language at me. I took it as a great complement. #winning
– As we got back to the PC, @WeeMan advised that we had 9 mins left. No worries brother, we still have round 5 of the Super21 left to complete. Several guys suggested we skip round 5 but we wouldn’t want to cheat @WeeMan, now would we?
– As we got back to the PC, I see @DoubleWindsor running to join us. #betterlatethannever #thenewPhilDunphy
– @SpongeBob proved that the #BigTen is more than just a swimming conference. He was killing it counting out the Super21 reps (until we got above 10)
– SanDiago was delirious and going through the motions until round 5. #newdaddy #lackofsleep. He got a second wind and crushed that last set. Oh, and he had sleeves on!?!?!? Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.
– Last but not least, @GCOD’s FNG, Michael Murphy, killed the workout. Turns out he just moved here from Long Island, NY and is pretty darn fit. After almost naming him “Lolita”, we landed on the much celebrated, if not equally confusing, “Keanu Sleeves”. Michael was wearing a Johnny Utah shirt which #sealedthedeal. I explained how in the name of “Kevin Bacon” we ended up with #KeanuSleeves

– @Quickie’s son Carson
– @GCOD’s son Dennis
– the runner who died in an accident this weekend (car slid on the icy road and hit him)

– Drifter 2/6. Come see if @Dunphy can repeat as champ or if @Hootie will add to his #HamHouseThingy5k victory
– @Twerkin and his M are hiking to raise money for #MakeAwish. The link to support him will be posted on our Facebook page.

See ya in the gloom….


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