2016 Grio Games #Olympicbeatdown

  • Workout Date - 08/04/2016
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Bread Bowl, Reborn, Clean Needle, Cockroach, Wally, iTunes, Almond Joy, Grr, Mr. Head, Iceman, NoBars, Bob Barker, Erector, Alfred, John Denver, Slick Willy, Homeward Bound, Jock Strap, Footloose (YHC)
  • AO -

As are many of the PAX across F3Nation, YHC is a faithful supporter of the Red, White & Blue. By God’s Grace, most of us were born in the greatest nation in the world. This is not by our choice, so truly, a blessing from the Almighty. YHC also loves the #olympics and the competition it brings about. What better way to celebrate the 2016 Rio games than having our own head:head competition at the 2016 Grio Games (thanks for that Ice!).

Here’s how it went down, F3 Mission statement then start with a little SSH to get warmed up (count to 16). Next up, PAX count off 1 & 2’s to create the teams and mosey to first heat.

Parade Ground in front of #TheStation has 6 light poles. Each team determines who their #studmerkin is and sends him to the top of the line. PAX then fills in at each light pole. At the countdown, #studmerkin starts with 10 merkins and then runs to 2nd light pole to pick up PAX with 10 more merkins (everyone at this light does 10), continue this trend until all PAX are picked up at each light pole. The TEAM to finish first with everyone in tow, wins! Oh yeah, while the other PAX are waiting at the light pole, hold PLANK. #shoulderssmoked

#RinseandRepeat with LBC’s; PAX holds 6″ at each light pole until they are picked up and continue 10 x LBC’s at each light.

#RinseandRepeast with squats; PAX holds #AlGore at each light pole until they are picked up and continue 10 x squats at each light.

Heat 1 goes to TEAM #2 Strong work by all PAX…let’s mosey

Heat 2 at the amphitheater…Team 1 on one side, Team 2 on the other. Every PAX does 5 burpees at each level including bottom and top (10 total using these). Once at the top, come back down with 5 HR Merkins at each level. This. Was. Brutal. PAX fought hard and despite #BobBarker and #NoBars finishing first for Team 2, this is a team competition Team 1 finsihed together first.

Heat 2 goes to TEAM #1 #AllTiedUp #exhausted #pouringsweat

Mosey down Jason St. to the stop sign (can you say rest period!) once at the stop sign, PAX holds 6″ waiting for the #six. Quick 10 count by Mr. Head and we are on our way to MUMC for something the PAX was not ready for…TIRES. BIG tires.

Every PAX grabs a #coupon except for one, he gets the tire. Tire Flip to first cone while PAX #duckwalks with #coupon. At first cone, new PAX gets in center of tire and picks it up for #FarmerCarry to second cone. PAX does 10 merkins on #coupon and moseys to second cone. #RinseandRepeat with new PAX tire flip and #duckwalk with #Coupons to third cone. #FarmerCarry and 10 merkins to the fourth cone. Once at fourth cone, #RinseandRepeat back up to starting line. Observation: these tires are HEAVY!

Next up, Indian run down and back with last PAX tire flipping to first cone, then joining the front of the Indian Run. Once finished, last PAX begins tire flip and returns to front of Indian Run. This continues until the tire goes down to the fourth cone and back up to the starting line. Again, these tires are HEAVY! (but next time, #farmercarry for even MORE fun! #PAXbeware).

Heat 3 goes to TEAM #2 #Russiancontroversy #hangingchad #PAXgettingafterit

(Naked moleskin: at this point, YHC is TOAST! but loved the #mumblechatter and kept going hard! Only the #brotherhood of F3 makes us push harder!)

#cooldown mosey back to #thestation for a quick #minutewithMary #CaptainThors up to 5/20.

We’re done. PAX sigh of relief!

Congratulations to Team 2 on the VT today! After a quick gold medal ceremony (Well, gold beads at least), the PAX were ready to disperse.

T-Claps to all 19 who came out today. T-Claps to Reborn for enduring his 2nd F3 beatdown (FNG on Tuesday!). There were some notables that were HC yesterday (SlapChop, NSA, …) but those that were there #pushedhard til the very end!

#TheDrifter 2017
2 year F3versary for #TheStation end of the month. 411 coming soon.
F3SwampRabbit golf tourney coming up end of October (10/20) get your teams together now.
Bob Barker VQ next Tuesday

Continued prayers for Golden Sombrero’s mom fighting Cancer
Safe travels Bob Barker’s wife traveling to Canada in the next few days.
Congrats to Almond Joy and his wife on accepting a foster child this week. Prayers for all involved.
Pray for those suffering in silence.
Prayers for our Country and upcoming decisions
Prayers for God’s Peace & direction for each of us.

Always a pleasure to share the #gloom with you men! #ISI #brotherhood

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