2016 BRR – Pre-Blast #1

  • Workout Date - 06/05/2023
  • Q In Charge - WWL
  • The PAX - F3 Nation
  • AO -


It maybe holiday season as you sit back, enjoy those Turkey Day leftovers, look forward to taking those built-up vacation days you either use or lose, and start to work on your Santa Wish List. But it is also 284 days until the 2016 Blue Ridge Relay (September 9-10, 2016)!

You may be wondering why you are even reading a pre-blast about an even that is more than 9 months away… which is a valid question… But registration for the 2016 event opens on December 1st (Tuesday next week)!

Which means you need to start thinking about your team; will you repeat the roster from 2015, rope in a recent FNG, help an expansion group form a team, step up to a 6 man team, help your region organize, the CSAUP options are endless.

BRR expanded the teams to 160 and the cap was met in Early May 2015.

Highly encouraged to register early! Each year F3 continues to grow in participation and dominate the field, 2016 is expecting the same:

  • 2011: 2 F3 teams (18 pax)
  • 2012: 5 F3 teams (48 pax)
  • 2013: 15 F3 teams (70 pax)
  • 2014: 31 F3 teams (>300 pax)
  • 2015: 54 F3 team (>500 pax)
  • 2016: 600…700.. pax??

T-Claps to Freeloader and all the Regional Q’s who helped organize logistics and push out communications, a lot of coordination goes into 500+ pax!

We’ll get more organized with information and regional Qs as we get into 2016, but for now, just start talking up with FNGs, encourage new AOs to participate and EHing your brothers.

BRR is arguably the best CSAUP event, I mean 209 miles (12-40+miles per person), 30+ hours in a van, endless quality 2ndF and enough trash talking to last you until the next CSAUP event.

Link to BRR’s website for more info: http://blueridgerelay.com/

If you are a interested in leading your region as a Regional Q or you want to get a new Region involved, please shoot me an email at Justin.LaRoche@yahoo.com or twitter- @jclaroche2

That’s all for now and be sure to ask Santa for a new Garmin watch.

WorldWide Leader (WWL)


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