2015 Joe Davis Memorial Run- Preblast & Registration

  • Workout Date - 01/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Rock Thrill
  • The PAX - All PAX
  • AO -

NOTE: The home page usually doesn’t see 5Ks, but there was overwhelming requests from multiple regions to get this up here. I now see why. All of us know someone affected by tragedy… what you do with that helps define you. So check it out, see if it fits your schedule! -AP

THE WHAT: 3rd Annual Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run (see below for race details and cause)

Multiple run options for pax and family

Introducing the inaugural F3 competition (see details below)

THE WHEN: Saturday, January 10th 2015, 0800

THE WHERE: Fort Mill, SC (Baxter Village YMCA)


Greetings, Brothers,

With the majority of F3 Nation events in the rearview mirror for 2014, I would like to invite each of you, as well as your Ms and 2.0s to join me (Rock Thrill) and my family on January 10, 2015, for a fantastic opportunity to start the New Year off right by giving back to the community at the 3rd Annual Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run as we lock shields once again to break the stigma associated with addiction.

For those of you who are not aware, my younger brother Joe, lost his life at 28 years old to an accidental drug overdose at a Charlotte concert on October 4, 2009, following 18 months of sobriety.

Obviously, this is something that has had a significant impact on myself, my mother and my sister’s lives. We believe firmly in Romans 8:28, “And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose”

Often, we asked ourselves when we would see the “good.”

So, rather than be angry over the loss of Joe’s life, our family made a decision to try to give back to our community by creating awareness about help that is available for those who struggle with addiction. For the unfortunate reality is that many of us will either experience addiction or know that family member or friend who will. One of Joe’s favorite sayings was “hope…never lose this.”

Hope is never lost, but sometimes it is hard to find. We want to help those who struggle find it!

The race benefits Keystone, York County’s local authority on substance abuse and addiction.

Read more about Keystone here- http://www.keystoneyork.org

THE IMPACT: Last year close to 100 men from F3 stood with me in this battle on race day and we raised over $22,500 to fight his awful disease. It was amazing and the impact was evidenced in all of those who thanked us for holding the race and the stories of others friends and loved ones who have struggled or are struggling that now know where health, hope and healing can be found.

See last year’s post race thank you here

Can we make an even larger impact this year? THE GOAL IS 200 PAX THIS YEAR!

THE DETAILS: There are options for everyone to run or walk and the event is family friendly and a great way to start your New Year on a high note! Plus an F3 spin added this year introducing a F3 regional competition (continue reading for details).

Options include:

  • 1 mile Fun Run
  • 5k Run/Walk
  • 10k Run/Walk
  • 5k AND 10k Run/Walk (CSAUP option!)

This year we will not have a workout beforehand, but we will have an opportunity to gather, enjoy a coffeteeria and then warm up together for the race before showing York County what F3 Nation is all about!

We have a new race venue, Baxter Village YMCA, and a new race distance of 10k to offer. We are very excited about this.

So come out in force! New race awards this year include Fastest Team and Largest Team to participate (continue reading for F3 competition).


And, of course, in true F3 fashion, we will adding a twist to this year’s event, a Cross Country style competition amongst F3 regions! Not sure how a cross country style completion works (don’t worry, either did we), but it’s simple. Each F3 region will register as a team through the RACE WEBSITE, there is no limit to the number of pax on a team and each region should have just one team. Teams earn points for the top five finishers on their team based on where they finished in the race, combine the score for the top 5 finishers, and that’s your team’s score. The team with the LOWEST score wins. Each team will use the top five finishers in both the 5k and 10k races. Here’s an example:

Team F3 Area 51

  • Top five 5k racers finish; 1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th and 15th (you get 1 point per finishing order), so the team’s 5k score is 37 (1+3+8+10+15).
  • Top five 10k racers finish; 2nd, 5th, 10th, 16th and 22nd (you get 1 point per finishing order), so the team’s 10k score is  56 (2+5+10+16+22).
  • Team’s final score is 96 (37+56)

The team with the lowest final score WINS! 

BONUS OPPORTUNITY- the regional team that brings the most FNGs out on race day, will receive a 3 point advantage to their team’s score! A big advantage in this scoring format! FNG counts will be validated with regional event Qs.

It is important that you register under your region’s team, otherwise we can’t track each team’s top finishers.

So where to register? Register on the RACE WEBSITE, find your regional team and join. Don’t see your regional team, create one and recruit! We also encourage you family and friends you recruit to join your F3 regional team (for tracking purposes).

If you are thinking, “I am not a runner,” there are ample opportunities to change that!

See the workout schedules for local running based workouts and if you are just starting, consider a Couch to 5k or Couch to 10k program app for your phone to mesh with your normal F3 routine. Who knows, it just might kickstart you in a path to the BRR or marathon next Fall!

Thank you for your consideration in advance and remember to get your family involved, too.



Rock Thrill

27 thoughts on “2015 Joe Davis Memorial Run- Preblast & Registration”

  1. I am excited to join this event and also am going to be the A51 Regional Q, since most of A51 can run faster than I can, it will improve the team if you sign up, if you are one of the few that can’t run faster than me then great, sign up anyway and set a PR on a nice new course layout that will be PR friendly. Think about it, if a normal boot camp workout is already 2 miles of running 1 more mile won’t kill you, and if it does we’ll just partner carry you the rest of the way!

  2. Laettner-

    Great question!

    First-thanks for registering!

    To answer your question, we do not have a way to track that, unfortunately.

    That is why we ask that everyone sound off in the comments, just as you have when they sign up.

    I can tell you this, as of right now, this is how participation looks by region-

    Area 51-23
    The Fort-15


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