2015 Carolinas BattleFrog OCR (4/25)

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Brothers of F3 Nation, sisters of FIA (and your 2.0s),

This year has seen us show up in increasing numbers and dominate all kinds of CSAUP events. It’s time to think about what events you want to tackle next year, and an event you need to sign up for is the Carolinas BattleFrog on April 25, 2015.  Want a shot to take Metro down?  This is it…if you can handle it.

BattleFrog is an obstacle race similar to a Spartan race or the USMC Mud Run that was started by former Navy SEALs. I ran this race back in June of this year with about 20 other F3 brothers, and I can personally attest that this is a quality race that will challenge you physically. It’s a great mix of trail running, mud and obstacles that gives you a chance to put all that work in the gloom to use.  If you’ve never done a mud run or obstacle race before, this is a great way to jump into the fray.

You can read more about this year’s race here: http://f3nation.com/2014/06/24/battlefrog-csaup-game-of-inches/

F3 Nation’s bunny has placed in several BattleFrog events this year and is now a member of the BattleFrog racing team.

BattleFrog is extending F3 Nation an amazing discount for this event, but you need to act soon to get the best pricing. This race has challenges for all levels with both 15K and 5K options. There’s also a kid’s race that provides your 2.0s a chance to have some fun.


Where: Carolina Adventure World

When: April 25, 2015

Discount Codes:

  • 15K race: F3NATION15K ($78 plus $10 race insurance and $5.37 service fee until 1/1/15, 15% discount from expiration to race day)
  • 5K race: F3NATION5K ($55 plus $10 race insurance and $3.88 service fee until 1/1/15, 15% discount from expiration to race day)
  • Kids races: one free entry per adult entry, email benjamin@battlefrogteam.com for discount code after registration (no expiration), additional discounted kids race registrations available with code F3NATIONKIDS

Link: http://battlefrogseries.com/carolinas2015/

Sound off in the comments below once you’ve registered.

24 thoughts on “2015 Carolinas BattleFrog OCR (4/25)”

  1. I attempted to register, but did not see the $78.00 price as above. Can you confirm? Otherwise the new fee $93.00 + fees, – with the 15% (discount code) back to $93.00.

    1. Took a look at this. The discount code brings the price down from $93 to $78 ($15 off). Mandatory race insurance and service fee brings price back to $93.37. The $78 price I listed above doesn’t include the insurance and service fee cost. I’ll update the text to make that more clear.

  2. I just got an email stating they are canceling the 15k. Well, you can run the now offered 8K twice or run the 8k and get money back. What is everyone doing? I am not sure I want to run the same course twice, sort of bummed they shortened it up.

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