2015 Blue Ridge Relay—We Own the Gloom

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Freeloader
  • The PAX - Studs
  • AO -

The Thang:  September 11 and September 12….from Whitetop, Va to Asheville,NC….208 210 mile relay run completed by teams of 6-12 pax, each running 1 of 36 legs in sequential order.

NM:  54 Teams consisting of almost 500 Pax completed this event which is the pure definition of CSAUP.

As with all things F3, there is always a title for the fastest team.  This year, that title belongs to Team Lean from Charlotte-Metro.  Team Lean also set the fastest time ever for an F3 team.  In second place, was a six man team, Team S6X, also from Charlotte-Metro.  Team S6X also placed 3rd overall in the Ultra Category. 3rd place was Team Paperboy.  Nice job to all.  BRR 2015 Race Results

While there were many fast times, what is more impressive to YHC was the shear volume of teams and the variation in geography.  In addition to Charlotte, there was representation from Winston-Salem, Fort Mill, Huntersville, Harrisburg, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Hickory, Lake Murray, Wilmington, Greensboro, Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, Greenville, SC.  Special shout out to some of our newest regions, Richmond-VA & Summerville, SC.  Great to have you!   Word on the street is that Richmond will have 2 teams next year.    Cobains if I missed your region.

This is an event that because of all the 2F during and the excitement leading up to it, it’s easy to forget how hard this is.  Very few things can prepare one for sitting in a van and having to run for your 3rd time in less than a day up some mountain at 3AM.  It hurts, your legs rebel, your lungs burn, and  there appears to be an abundance of wild dogs lurking about when the sun goes down.  Yet, somehow, we all end up doing well.  We like to say that this race really doesn’t start until the sun goes down.  Makes sense that F3 does so well since we are usually done with our workouts before the sun even goes up.  There is also something about being accountable to the other members of your team.  In F3, we look to carry and not be carried.  Big effort all the time.  WE OWN THE GLOOM.

Congratulations to each and everyone of you that had the courage to sign up and complete this.  This may be the hardest thing you do all year.  For those of you that haven’t tried this yet, the bar has been set.

Here are some quick notes from the event.

  • How about Coach Roy taking the time from his schedule to support his son by driving his van?  Impressive.  It was also entertaining when people recognized who he was and then lined up for team photos.  I’m not a Carolina fan, but I’m a fan of his.  Seeing Coach in a S6X Pistols shirt is one of my favorite takeways.
  • The level of preparation for this event was outstanding.  Speaking only of Metro on this, I’ve noticed how much faster guys have gotten.  I’ve also noticed how many guys proclaim that they are “non-runners” and then proceed to crush their races.  Very inspiring to see men getting better.  #ISI
  • Ultra Teams…..hats off to all of you that do this.
  • Positive attitude….loved being around this race.  F3 guys from all over and everyone appeared to be having fun.
  • BRR 2016 registration is December 1st.  This year, the race was expanded to 180 teams from 160….they still turned away 20 teams….where will F3 be next year.?…can we get teams from Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville, or how about Asheville??

Thank you to Mud Gear for making the event gear so available and high quality.

Thank you to The Show-  He was last year’s Q and made it simple for me to take over.

Thank you to all the Region Q’s  and Team Captains.  You made my role very easy.  It was my honor to Q.


If you have team pictures, please email OBT and he will give you access to upload to DropBox.  He is working on something cool.

There were several good ideas regarding the ending of the race.  I would expect to see something more organized next year at the finish.

Race On!



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