$200 in Coffee, but my guys are woth it!!

  • Workout Date - 10/23/2014
  • Q In Charge - Tesh & 1D
  • The PAX - Murdoch, Tricycle, Look Out Below, FNG 4 Hour Window, Epee, Sushi, Padre, Punkin Spice, Tebow, SpongeBob, Slim, Longbottom, Zorro, Latka, Mary, Big D, Donut, Holla, San Diego, Gymboree, Jenner, The Tickler, Crabgrass, Nippler, Chum, Snooka, Hansborough, Nemo, Annie Oakley, Whiff, Hardhat, Fertile, Tesh, Big V, WiFi, Sadiq, Scoop, Esther, Freeze Dry, Retread, Banjo, 1D
  • AO -

Happy Dine Out For Mom Day!

42 brave souls answered the call and resisted the urge to Fartsack or take the easy way out by posting at the ole usual spots (yeah, that’s trash I’m talkin).  They were rolling in right up to the bell, including six ruckers that answered the early bell.  As we circled up, Padre came flying in for the finish of his Spearhead PT Test, which included 2 Minute AMRAP Merkins, 2 Minute AMRAP Sit-ups, and a 5 Mile RUN, not a Mosey.


1D has the Q

Take a Lap to get things in working condition.

42 Burpees OYO. Yep, 1 for each guy.  You guys are very lucky you did not get us to 75

Mosey up to Holland Rd to bring in the rest of the Running Ruckers.  Yes, that would mean they missed the Burpeefest. Nice DoubleDown boys!

Mosey to the lower track for Catch Me if You Can.  Partner up and play Tag with your partner.  You get caught, give me 10 Merkins and then go get your partner, etc. etc. etc.  This proved to more difficult than anticipated due to the blackout conditions.  An awful lot of yelling for one another #pissedoffneighbors.

I think we completed three full circuits.

Mosey up to the wall and Spilt up

Tesh has the Q

1s planked on the curb and 2s on the wall for Man-Ups and People’s Chair:  Man-Ups x 10 then 1 minute.  At time, Switch by sprinting towards each other and swapping places #noheadoncollisions.  Repeato for Group 2.  Then Repeato with 90 second PCs and then 2 minute PCs.  After 2 minute hold, Jailbreak to Nippler’s Hill..

Line up with backs toward the Hill.  Link arms and grind to the top x 3.  Welcome to GoldenStrip boys.  Nippler’s Hill is a staple.

1D back on Q. Partner back up again.

Dora 4-5-6.  A whaaaat?  Yep!  400 LBCs, 500 Low Dolly’s & 600 Flutters.  Relax, all single count.   Had to audible as expected, due to time.  This is a must-do going forward, but needs to be at the start of a workout.

Mosey back to the circle.




  • Welcome to FNG BT (4 Hour Window)
  • T-Claps to the PAX that stepped out of their Bon Bons and Pedicure Comfort Zone to post at GoldenStrip.  Hope you had fun.
  • The final damage at Java Jolt was $200.91 but man, was it worth it!  Jenner also dropped $60 in the donation box.  That is over $100 to LTBM just from one F3 posting!  Thanks guys.
  • Macho Man’s Father, Jim Savage, went to be with our Heavenly Father as we fellowshipped at Java Jolt.  God has gained a Great Man.  Family will Receive Freinds and Family on Saturday, from 5:00-7:00 pm at Mauldin First Baptist.  Funeral Service are Sunday at 2:00pm, also at Mauldin First Baptist.  Let’s represent.  YHC plans to attend the Funeral on Sunday.
  • Continue to pray for Macho Man and the Savage family.
  • Also prayed for Josiah, Golden Sombrero’s parents, and Walker Phillips.





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