200 Burpee Appetizer

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  • Workout Date - 05/23/2017
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Johnny5, Lookout Below, FNG Papa Sanchez, Road Trip, Band-Aid (hate!), Lite Brite, Jerry Jones, Mint Julip, Floppy Disc, ATM (YHC)
  • AO -

Ruckers + 3 pax + 1 FNG (welcome “Papa Sanchez”) defied Cantore and showed up at Golden Strip to get better. @FloppyDisc still owed his 200 burpee penalty for fartsacking a Q (100 burpees) and doing so whilst in possession of the #shortbarrelstrong flag (100 more). He decided to knock them out pre-workout and as #ISI, 5 other men showed up to work alongside him. All told, @FloppyDisc, @LiteBrite, @LookoutBelow, @Johnny5, @Roadtrip, and YHC also did 200 burpees…cause…well, no pax left behind. T-Claps to everyone for the great effort. 1/250. We finished around 525 just as @JerryJones and his FNG Shane showed up. @Band-Aid (hate!) came rolling in right at 0530 and we got started.

Circle up
Mission – always nail it
Disclaimer – nailed it

Warm up – should be noted that all the ruckers except YHC had ruck during warm-up. #QPrivilege. SSH x 30 IC, HB x 20 IC, Merkins x 10 IC.

Thang – partner up for a good ole DORA. Ruckers partner up and 4 non-ruckers partner up. Pax 1 works while pax 2 moves. Ruckers lunge walked a fair distance and non-ruckers ran a lap around the parking lot. 100 hand release merkins, 200 4-count flutters, and 300 squats. Great work by all and at some point the ruckers modified to shuffling instead of lunge walking. Well, most of us shuffled, @LiteBrite was apparently being chased by an invisible bear and ruck sprinted. #nerd

Circle up for some Sally. Pass the rucks around during the song. #crowdpleaser

Just enough time for Mary – LBCs x 35 IC, Tempo LBCs x 10 IC, Flutters x 20 IC, and BBSU x 25 OYO. Rinse and repeat minus the BBSU cause we are out of time.

Annc – Jackalope, #teamavia is the best mud run team in the history of mud run history…or so I hear. GORUCK 6/9 and 6/10. FNG is already signed up. We HC’d for him, he just doesn’t know it yet. F3 dads on 6/10 at Pitchfork.

P/P – Peyton, Ping, praise for @FloppyDisc’s 15 year wedding anniversary, Beth Lagrange cancer treatment, Jack 4 y/o with cancer, Drake, Southside track coach Frank Kleckner died in a car accident.

NMM – Good work by all today. @JerryJones brought his neighbor Shane – f/k/a “Papa Sanchez”. Believe me when I say that was the best of some of the names. Note to the powers that be – don’t let @MintJulip come to FNG day.

Pleasure and honor as always.

SYITG next time,