1stF turned 2ndF

  • Workout Date - 07/16/2016
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Erector, Almond Joy, Punch Out, Footloose
  • AO -

Four Rabbits heeded the call to #makelegacygreatagain and posted @ 0700 Saturday morning at Legacy Park (*gentle reminder for those that forgot when/where).

As we gathered, the 2ndF was high as we caught up with guys that don’t normally get to post together. Nobody was on the Q calendar and YHC knew what was ahead for #F3Dads and threw out the idea of a #runningQ to continue 2ndF. This was met with #smiles and #yesses so off we went. We turned left and wandered down to Woodruff Rd and continues left towards Laurens Rd. A nice conversational pace up to the old BiLo parking lot where we decided to have some #dealerschoice and lead eachother through 10-12 exercises then moseyed back to the #shovelflag.

Three miles total and #friendships continued. This is what F3 #brotherhood is all about!

Thanks for being there for me and each other!


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