1D is back!

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  • Workout Date - 07/28/2014
  • Q In Charge - T.B.C.
  • The PAX - Sherpa, 1 Direction, Flay, Caviar, Slim, Hootie, San Diago, Phil Dunfey, Sponge Bob, Zack Snack, Highlights, Grim Reaper and T.B.C.
  • AO -

The SF was planted leaned against the Volvo and 13 pax attacked the Hills!

We ran. We saw hills. We ran up them. We caught our breath. Ran again. Saw a hill. Ran up…you get the picture.

Hills of note:

Ben Street- ran from Woodland Way to Hemlock then from Hemlock up to Cleveland St Ext. #smoker

Crescent Ave.-renamed Nasty B!+(# #neverending #sprinterswerewarned

Biltmore-sneaky steep

Capers- up and down

Ben Street- steep

El Cid-Nasty B!+(#’s angry step brother
always a smoker

Down the Eagle trail to SF

Very impressed to have 13 pax. BRR training is in full force. Swamp Rabbit’s gonna have a strong showing this year. Especially nice to have 1D back in the fold. Very especially nice to easily smoke him…for now! #flay’sgonnagetadatestampedtattoo #in10days1Dwillsmokingusagain

Spicoli’s PET scan
Expansions galore
Need one more runner for BRR and three more drivers

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