1987 Big Sexy Round 2

  • Workout Date - 07/18/2019
  • Q In Charge - Miss Potts
  • The PAX - NYOPT, Mac, Peek-A-Boo, Road Trip, Strange Brew, Mrs. Potts, Whisper (R), Elmer, Zebco
  • AO - Golden Strip

Working out in 1987 was sexy , no one can deny! 10 PAX joined in to celebrate my 32nd birthday today. After some warmups with “Moutain Poopers” and “Faulure to Launch” and with very poor cadence count we started our workout with 1987 songs to moticate us.

Warm Up

Slow Windmill In Cadence

Mountain Man Poopers – Step 1: From a standing position, bend over to touch toes. Step 2: Squat low, put arms straight out front. Step 3: Back to touching toes position from Step 1. Step 4: Stand Up with a single clap.

Failure to Launch – Hold Al Gore while Q counts down from 10. At Lift-Off, explode up into a tuck jump, immediately returning to Al Gore upon landing. Repeat until unable to leave the ground (usually around rep 8 or 9, depending on count speed)

Mosey to Entrance to School

Big Sexy time

10 monkey jumpers

40 pickle pointer

10 monkey humpers

40 pickle pounders

Run back to school Bus Stop

Main Thang:

Diego (Dora the explorer’s cousin) – Similar to Dora 1, 2, 3 but just tougher… Same partner situation but the exercises are as follows:

100 – ‘Merkins

150 – Overhead press w/ block

200 – LBC

250 – Block Curls

300 – Squats w/ Block (ran out of time and doubled up on these counts)


19 big boy

18 Russian twist

19 reverse crunch

Hold count elbow plank until we hear “with or without” lyric from U2

Thanks for the grace guys

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