#18 No Pain No Gain

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

16 strong for the #18. Most dressed in layers that were not needed long…

Side Straddle Hops x 18

Mosey to edge of the park.
Indian run for a tour of the ‘hood behind the park (otherwise known as GOWER) kicked off by #18 Burpees and #18 Mountain Climbers

Two stops along the way to repeat the #18 Burpees and #18 Mountain Climbers

One audible that lead us through a backyard and into another backyard, which happened to be Snipit’s driveway #sweetgowerhouseforsalebyownernotyetonthemarket

Finally, a mile later, the indian run (conveniently) ended at the entrance to the Gower Pool parking lot

Bear crawl down the entrance to Gower Pool parking lot, Balls to the wall across side of parking lot, Bear crawl up the exit of the Gower Pool Parking lot, Sprint back to the entrance. Plank while you wait

Rinse and repeat with slight variation
Bear crawl down, kick lunge across parking lot, bear crawl up, sprint, plank while you wait

THird time is a charm
Bear crawl down entrance, rollover pushup across parking lot, AUDIBLE: after 20 rollover pushups, plank and wait #theexitgotsteeperandlonger

Mosey over to wall for 3 sets of dips x 20 and Freddy Mercury x 20

Line em up for the storming the hill. Two lines for one last indian run from the Gower Pool parking lot (lowest point in gower) to the Tank (highest point in Gower). The race was on. #TBCfinishedfirst

LBC’s x 50
Flutter slooooow x 18 topped off with a few more seconds of plank
Plank shoulder slap x 18 to finish #Dexterwantedmoreupperbody

Naked Moleskin
-This was the first time out of the park during a workout at the Tankyard
-It’s official, our PAX has a love/hate relationship with BUrpees
-Who really counted to #20 on the rollover pushups?
-What’s the deal with #18???

-Praying for TBC and his meetings.
-Dine out for mom 10/24- Papas and Beers looks like the place.


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