F3Dads comes to Anderson

  • Workout Date - 06/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hook & Ladder
  • The PAX - H&L w/ Hot Wheels & Angry Bird; Brown Shorts w/ Gryffindor, Slim & Pekachoo; Mario w/ Sumac, Little River, Eisenhower & Squirrel; Principal Rooney w/ Lightening & Hiccup; Blue Hen w/ CC (CrossCountry); Mater w/ Thunderbird & P-nut; NSYNC w/ Happy Cow; Aunt Jemima w/ Bacon & Pancakes; Epee w/ Gypsy, Hot Tamale & Spider; 2-stroke w/ Sprocket & Book Worm; Wahoo w/ Stingray
  • AO -

YHC arrived early with two 2.0’s in tow to prepare the field for battle. Unfortunately the Mini Mes were less than excited to have been removed from the fartsack, but as for YHC he was as nervous and excited as the first time he Q’d with the big boys. Out of the not so gloom appeared 10 other brothers bringing 21 2.0’s for their introduction to F3.

We began the morning with the Pledge of Allegiance

Warm-O-rama then went something like this

Explain the count and then:
SSH, IW, Merkins and Little Arm Circles

Nothing like a little friendly competition via Tug of War to keep the ball rolling #crowdpleaser
Dads vs. 2.0’s
Girls vs. Boys
Dads vs. Dads

We flowed right into the next set of exercises with a modified Ark Loader
We would Bear Crawl across half of the field and then run to the other side followed by Crab Walk/run and finally Frog Jump/run

We then played a little Catch Me If You Can with 2.0’s having about a 10 yard lead on the Dads across the field. On the return trip the 2.0’s chased Dads who had to run backwards.

Lemonade Break (So the Dads can catch their breath)

Tunnel of Love with plenty of pinching and giggling followed by Up and Overs (Dads elbow plank in line while 2.0’s jump over) got things rolling again.

Family Competition proved to be something interesting as The Burpee was introduced.
Dads and 2.0s ran together across the field and performed the following exercises (reps divided between each member) at each cone before running back to the start. 30 Merkins, 30 Situps, 30 Squats and 30 Burpees #ControlledChaos

Flag Relay was our last bit of competition for the day as the 2.0s (running) took on the Dads (crabwalk)

2.0s took another Lemonade break while Dads finished up their crabwalk

The Flutter and Rosalitta made an appearance next followed by the last exercise (at least for the 2.0s) the Merkin w/ 2.0’s
YHC almost left that one out but a 2.0 approached him after the last Lemonade break asking when we would do pushups with them on our backs. Who am I to say NO to an innocent little restrictor plate.

YHC had one more special surprise that he had been holding up his proverbial sleeve. The Dads were instructed to gather in a group in front of the 2.0’s as he headed off to the trailer to retrieve an innocent looking container that happened to be filled with a few water balloons + or – 100. The 2.0s were instructed to load up and wait for further instructions as the Dads began to tremble with fear. The object of the last exercise was not to get wet as the Dads had to perform 10 hand release burpees while the 2.0s gave them “encouragement”. Smiles were abundant all morning but definitely grew twice as big at the end.

Name-O-Rama went off without a hitch as the 2.0s were excited to get “official” F3 names

YHC read Proverbs 22:6 and stated that we needed to be deliberate about being a part of our children’s lives because if we aren’t someone else will.

We then gave thanks during the BOM for our children as they are GIFTS from God and asked for His help in raising them right

When Crunchy made a comment to me two weeks ago about launching F3Dads I was immediately on board and wanted to do anything I could to help out. We talked for a second about planning and it was then decided we would “Just Do It”. I honestly had no clue how many would show up and would have been happy to at least have 10, but I am blown away with the # we produced. This thing is only going to get bigger. I know some were away on vacation and some might have been on the fence about it, but don’t miss the next one. It was both an honor and a privilege to lead the first group. I honestly had a hard time going to sleep the night before because I was so excited. I had a 2.0 come up to me afterwards and say “You sure are a good F3 teacher”, little does he know I have no clue what I am doing 🙂 This is kind of how I feel about being a father sometimes. I am clueless, but He is not and if we pray for guidance in the ways we are to parent like Our Father does us then we cannot fail.

Thank You to Epee for making the trip down from Greer.
A special thanks to Brown Shorts’ M (E-Taxi) for being out roving photographer

Thank you all for posting and I hope to see you next time (July 18th)
Hook & Ladder

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