• Workout Date - 06/23/2020
  • Q In Charge - Play-Doh
  • The PAX - NoBars, Wilson, Bubba Gump; Schwinn; 400; The Muff; Courtesy Flush; Flying Lotus
  • AO - The Station

Pre – Couple new faces on a beautiful Tuesday morning. One FNG in the parking lot and one F3 Anderson transplant.05:30 and we’re off.

Warmup – Disclaimer – check. Mission – check.

Normally we’d do the traditional circle warmup, but to mix it up a little, we take off for a 1/2 mile loop around the park and get head back to the circle. We find The Muff along the way looking lost and late. We bring him into the fold and then the traditional circle warmup. SSH; Merkin; Prisoner Squat; American Hammer. All IC of varying quantity.

Thang1 – 9×5. (9) Burpees on the minute for 5 minutes.

Thang2 – Mosey to the amphitheater.

  • R1 = 15 pike pushups at the bottom followed by three trips up and down the amphitheater. 40ish Moroccan Night Clubs IC at the top. More up and down the stairs
  • R2 = 20 pikes. Three more stair repeats. 50ish Air Presses IC at the top. More stairs.
  • R3 = pikes. More stairs. 50ish MNCs at the top.

Thang3 – Mosey to park entrance. Pair off. Each pair sprints to the founatain. Remaining Pax are holding 6 inches. Tap the fountain then call LBCs IC. Next pair sprints. Everyone else either holding 6 inches or LBCs depending on the end you’re on. Next pair, etc. Finish and then repeat back the other way.

50 Dips on the wall.

Mosey down the street. Regular, backwards, carioca, high knees, butt kickers, sprints. Sprint back to the circle.

Mary – Plank and LBCs. Recover Recover.

COT  – 45 years old today, so starting day, so starting day 16,437 (11 bonus leap year days). How many moments in those days can you actually remember, let alone how many actual days? Try to do one thing today that will help you remember today.

Welcome Flying Lotus (FNG) and 400 (F3 Anderson).

Racial reconciliation gathering at Greer City Park Amphitheater Wednesday at 7P. Message Bubba Gump for more info.

Love you, mean it. XOXO

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