• Workout Date - 06/21/2016
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Underwood, Bunyan (as in Paul), Clapper, Snip-it, Scuba Steve, Semper, White Walker, Gepetto, Emenim, Hermie
  • AO -

10 of the Tankyard’s finest were up and at em this am to see what Hermie would bring to the yard…
SSH x 23 (for lebron and the Cavs)
Mosey to basketball courts
5 sets, one minute each- #15 ‘merkins, 15 russian twist (dbl ct) or In n outs
sum: 75 merkins, 75 core
beast around the basketball courts, with 5 surf jacks and then 10 surf jacks on way there, and 5 lunges and then 10 lunges on the corners on the way back
5 sets, one minute each- #15 ‘merkins, #15 freddy mercury (dbl ct)
sum: 150 merkins, 150 core
complete circle around the courts, lunges down the baseline and mosey down the side
sum: 225 merkins, 225 core
5 sets, one minute each- #15 merkins, #15 big boys (thanks Eminem)
compelte circle around the courts with shuffle on the baseline and backwards run down the sides
5 sets, one minute each- #15 ‘merkins, 15 in n outs
sum: 300 merkins, 300 core
line it up for some hermie worms across the courts- jump, walk the hands out, pushup, walk the feet up, repeat until you reach the other baseline
lunge back across to home baseline
rinse and repeat hermit worms down and lunges back
flutter x 20
lbc’s x 20
dolly x 20

Good hustle from the fellas. Although we did less cumulative ‘merkins than my last merkin fest two weeks ago, those who were at both workouts agreed the 20 sets of #15 were more brutal than the 30 sets of #12.

Scuba- moving back to Fla- you will be missed, brother!
Underwood- Pray for our Country
White Walker- pray for his family in the tragic sudden passing of his younger sister. Pray specifically for his parents and for his sister’s children (ages 12 and 14). We are lifting you up, brother-
Semper- praise for finishing up a tough summer session of school.
Men of the tankard- as fathers, brothers, husbands, and men in the community

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